Advanced GET - GET Cycles

ICE Data Services -

The Advanced GET Cycles study provides predicted changes in trend based on a cycle in the current data set. Each peak or valley in the cycle is a potential change in trend area. This study requires a subscription to Advanced GET either through a legacy product or a current subscription to eSignal Elite. 

Users that have the proper entitlement can access the GET Cycles by right clicking a chart in eSignal and choosing Insert Study, Advanced GET, and choosing GET Cycles.


Once the study has been applied it will appear towards the bottom pane of the chart. 


To edit the properties, right click the blue GET Cycles line and choose Edit (or double click the blue line). This menu allows you to edit the study color, length, and style among other settings. 


Length - Indicates the number of bars to be used in the calculation of the cycle.  The number of bars is calculated backwards from the most recent bar. 

Display - Indicates which cycle should be displayed on the chart. 

  • Current - If Current radio button is selected, the currently calculated cycle will be displayed 
  • Reference - If Reference radio button is selected, the cycle that has been saved as default will be displayed.  To save a reference enter in the Length and then select the Set as Reference button.  

View Style - This section will allow you to change the colors and line style for the GET Cycles study.