Getting Started with eSignal

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Our mission at eSignal is to provide users with a Trading Platform that is fast, reliable, has competitive pricing, and amazing support that gives new meaning to "Customer Service." To that end, eSignal offers software that is both easy to install, easy to use, and very customizable. This guide will cover signing up for an eSignal account, where to go to download and install it, and also understanding how billing, add-ons, and data subscriptions works.

  1. What eSignal Offers
  2. How Billing Works
  3. Sign Up for an eSignal Account
  4. Downloading & Installing eSignal
  5. Exploring the Knowledge Base
  6. Contacting Support

What eSignal Offers

eSignal offers three subscription tiers: Classic, Signature, and Elite. Each tier has different offerings available for it that may interest you based on what your needs are. Please keep in mind there are no service level differences between each of these tiers, so you are always welcome to reach out to our Support Team for help.

  • eSignal Classic
    • This value-oriented package is designed for users that don't require real-time data from the Exchanges.
    • Aside from the built-in studies, it also gives you access to advanced drawing tools such as Regression Trend and Time Cycles, and Market Screener Plus.
    • The cost of Exchange data is included in the cost of the subscription, so there is no need to pay for access to individual exchanges in addition to the cost of the software.
    • Options data is not available with Classic.
    • The Advanced GET suite of tools is not available with Classic.
  • eSignal Signature
    • This package is designed for users that do require real-time data, or seek the ability to view stock option data.
    • In addition to everything that was available in eSignal Classic, Signature users also have access to:
      • Additional advanced drawing tools such as Fibonacci Tools and Pitchforks,
      • Back-testing tools,
      • The ability to subscribe to Market Depth (not included),
      • Access to ICE XL (a Microsoft Excel plugin for pulling data to spreadsheets),
      • The ability to access Intra-day Historical Data (not included), and
      • The ability to subscribe to both Market Profile and Volume Delta.
    • The cost of exchange data is not included in the cost of the subscription, so keep in mind that in addition to paying the base amount, you will also need to subscribe to Exchanges to receive Real-Time data for them.
    • The Advanced GET suite of tools is not available with Signature
  • eSignal Elite
    • This package is designed for users that not only require real-time data, but also require the Advanced GET suite of tools.
    • In addition to what is available in both eSignal Classic and Signature, Elite users also have access to:
      • Advanced GET Charting.
      • Advanced GET Studies.
      • Advanced drawing tools like Time and Price Squares, MOB, and Gann boxes.
      • The ability to identify future price levels with Make or Brake.
      • Advanced GET Technical Analysis.
      • 20+ Advanced GET Indicators.
      • Trend Analysis with 4 Core AGET strategies.
    • As with Signature, Elite also requires you to subscribe to Exchanges separately in order to receive real-time data for those Exchanges.

NOTE: eSignal does not allow 3rd party applications to use its data feed (you may export data to Excel), and eSignal does not support importing data into the software from 3rd party sources.

How Billing Works

With eSignal, you have two main options for Billing: pay monthly, or pre-pay for the whole year. If you pay monthly, then the day you sign up with eSignal becomes your monthly cycle date and you are charged on that cycle date every month. For pre-pay users, the day you sign up with eSignal becomes your yearly cycle date, and you are charged on that day once per year. Keep in mind, however, that while some Exchanges and Add-Ons can be pre-paid for a whole year, others will require you to pay monthly for them, in which case you are charged monthly on that cycle day for those Exchanges or Add-Ons, but the other ones will remain pre-paid for the year.

With the exception of the Classic tier subscription (where the data is included in the subscription), in addition to paying for the base subscription, you must also pay for any Exchanges you wish to subscribe to real-time data for, as well as any add-ons, such as Extended Intraday Historical Data, or additional studies.

Note: eSignal does not accept Checks or Money Orders, and instead requires a Credit or Debit card to be on file with us. Additionally, please note that should your Credit/Debit card decline when we attempt to charge it for subscription renewal on your cycle date, our system allows for a 3 day grace period for you to change your credit card details and then manually charge your card to clear the balance on your account before it is automatically cancelled. Please make sure to do so through Account Maintenance if your card should be declined due to insufficient funds, an expired card, or if you recently replaced your card.

Missed Payments/Credit Card Declines

Should your Credit Card decline when eSignal attempts to renew your subscription, you must manually submit payment to eSignal within 3 days of the attempted charge, or your account will automatically be cancelled. You may change your card information prior to submitting this manual payment (keeping in mind that the new card will now be used for automatic payment), or you can keep the card on file and contact your bank to clear funds off of it prior to submitting the payment through Account Maintenance.

Changing Your Cycle Date

Please note that eSignal does not allow you to change the cycle date for your account. The day you sign up with eSignal is the day you will be charged each month. Also note that if you sign up on a Leap Year day or on the 31st day of the month, your account will just be charged at the end of each month be it the 28th, or the 30th, on months where the 29th or 31st day don't exist.


Should you decide to cancel your account with eSignal, please note that eSignal processes cancellations on the date of your next renewal. Additionally, eSignal does not prorate refunds for accounts, and instead allows you access to the product until the next cycle date at which point the product will cancel and you will not be charged going forward. It is also recommended that should you intend to cancel your product, you reach out to us by or before the day prior to your cancellation.

Sign Up for an eSignal Account

Signing up for an eSignal account can be a fairly easy and straightforward process. Simply navigate to our Products page located here and click the "Sign Up Now" button under the product you wish to purchase. (Before signing up for eSignal, lease note that the eSignal software is only available for the Windows Operating System and is NOT available for macOS, iOS, or Android devices at this time.)

Once you have selected the product you wish to purchase, simply follow these steps to set up an account:

  1. On the "Registration for eSignal" page, first begin by selecting whether or not you are a Professional or Non-Professional trader.*
  2. Fill out the information on this page with regards to your Name, Address, and Contact Information. (Please note that this information needs to match the information on your Debit/Credit card, otherwise if the registered address your bank has on file mismatches what we provide them in the transaction based on the information in your account, then any attempts to charge your card will fail.)
  3. Confirm that you are not a robot through the captcha provided on the page, and click "Continue."
  4. In the following pages, set up your username and password, select any exchanges and add-ons you wish to add to your product. Keep in mind that Classic users will not need to subscribe to individual exchanges, and instead subscribe to specific regions. To determine what exchanges you need to subscribe to for the symbols you need, we recommend referring to our Knowledge Base article located here.
  5. After selecting all the Add-Ons and Exchanges you wish to subscribe to, click "Continue."
  6. On the following page you will be asked to fill out the Exchange Terms and Agreements form. Please provide this form with all the information it requires, and be sure to carefully read through the form and the questions it asks, in particular the ones about your trading status.** Once finished, click "Confirm Signature".
  7. On the next page, confirm your billing summary through expanding each of the sections at the top by checking the boxes next to them. Once all the boxes have been checked, fill out your Credit/Debit card information, and submit payment.
  8. Once the payment has been processed, your product will be active effective immediately. You may now exit the page.

*Note: If you are unsure of your trading status, you can refer to our guide located here for details on how to determine if you qualify as a Professional or Non-Professional.

**Note: eSignal performs random audits to ensure accounts are correctly classified as Pro or Non-Pro. If during our audits we determine you qualify as a Professional user and you are registered as a Non-Professional user, you will be asked to convert to a Professional account, or cancel your subscription without refund as a result of violating our Terms and Agreements.

eSignal Partner Accounts

If you were referred to us through a 3rd party vendor that participates in our partnership program, it is recommended you use the link provided by the partner to sign up for eSignal in order to receive the discount provided by the partner. If after following the link provided by the partner you determine you do not want to sign up with eSignal at this time, after having already proceeded through most of the sign-up process and pricing out your product, in order to receive the discount provided by the partner you must reach back out to our Customer Service team to assist you in getting set up under the partnership program. Additionally, if your subscription cancels at any time you will also need to reach out to us to assist you with resubscribing via the partnership program.


eSignal does not issue any discounts on its products or services other than for those provided through the 3rd party Partnership Program, Special Promotions, or through Prepaying for your subscription for a whole year.

Downloading & Installing eSignal

Congratulations! Now that you have subscribed to eSignal, its time for you to Download the software and install it! To download and install eSignal you can follow these easy steps:

  1. Navigate to our Downloads page located here and click the "Download 64-bit Version" link located under the "eSignal" section.
  2. Once the file finishes downloading, Open and Run the installer file. 
  3. If prompted by windows to allow the program to run, click “Run.” Otherwise, skip to the next step.
  4. Accept the license agreement, and continue selecting “Next” until you are prompted to enter your Username and Password. Enter the credentials you received when signing up for eSignal (please keep in mind these are case-sensitive) and then click “Install”.
  5. Once eSignal finishes installing, click “Finish.”
  6. After the window closes, you should be able to find the eSignal 21 icon on your desktop. To open the program, just double-click on the icon on your desktop, OR right-click on it and select “Open".
  7. Congratulations, you have successfully installed eSignal 21.x!

Note: For more information on Downloading and Installing eSignal 21.x, you can refer to the following Knowledge Base article located here.

Exploring the Knowledge Base

eSignal has a massive Knowledge Base with hundreds of articles to help you out, ranging from how-to articles, to troubleshooting, and even informational articles, all in an effort to provide you with superb materials you can learn off of. eSignal's Knowledge Base consists of two sections:

eSignal Knowledge Base

The main eSignal Knowledge Base is your go-to for most of your questions or troubleshooting needs. On the main page you will find a search bar in the top-right corner you can use to search for articles or terms directly. Its recommended when searching this way that you utilize basic key words like "Charts" or you can reference settings and windows within eSignal directly such as "Time Template" or "Option Chain." The Knowledge Base also is divided into a couple different sections to help you easily navigate and find articles according to either specific software, or specific topics.

eSignal EFS Knowledge Base

The eSignal EFS Knowledge Base is geared more towards EFS Developers or users who want to Develop EFS files for adding new custom Studies or Indicators to their eSignal program. If you are interested in getting custom studies developed, but don't feel you have the technical knowledge needed to do so, we recommend to instead reach out to one of our EFS Consultants to help you develop a custom study or indicator.

Contacting Support

Should you not find the answer you are looking for in our Knowledge Base, or need additional help with eSignal, you can reach out to our Support Team for assistance. eSignal provides support 5 days a week, from 8:00 AM U.S. Eastern Time to 6:00 PM U.S. Eastern Time and can be reached through Chat, Email, or by Phone. For additional details you can refer to our Contact Us page located here.

When reaching out to eSignal Support, please be sure to have either your Customer ID number (a 5 to 7 digit number given to you when registering for eSignal) or your username at the ready, as we will ask you for this information before providing support to you.