What forms of Payment does eSignal accept?

ICE Data Services -

As eSignal primarily distributes data through the Internet, like most Internet-based services, we require a Credit or Debit card for our service.

What Credit/Debit Vendors are currently accepted?

The following vendors are currently accepted by eSignal for payment:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover

What is not accepted as a form of payment by eSignal?

eSignal does not accept any of these as a form of payment:

  • Diners Club
  • Specific Direct Debit cards like Switch
  • Bank or Wire Transfers
  • Checks

Are there any Exceptions?

Please note that in some cases (such as pre-paying for 1 year of complete service), exceptions to the Credit Card requirement rule may apply. To be granted an exception, you will need to speak directly to your Sales or Customer Service Representative to see if you qualify for such an exception.

In the event your account has been altered to accept other forms of payment, you may pay by either Check or Wire/Bank Transfer:

Sending Checks via USPS:

ICE Data Services, Inc.

PO Box 98616

Chicago, IL 60693

Sending Expedited Payments (FedEx and UPS):

ICE Data Services, Inc.

62234 Collection Drive

Chicago, IL 60693

Bank or Wire Transfers

To reiterate, while we do occasionally accept bank or wire transfers as a form of payment, we view them as exceptions. We've streamlined our product offering and our pricing in such a way that the only way we can keep our prices low is to require credit card payment in advance. It eliminates our bad debt exposure, it's automated and it's clean and accurate. Wire transfers require manual processing and, as a result, are more difficult to manage and keep error free.

Our systems are also automated to shut-off service if payment is not received by the due date. That's not an issue for credit card holders as we simply charge their card each month. If we don't get proper confirmation of a wire transfer before your due date, service will be interrupted, albeit temporarily. Please allow 5 business days for wire transfers to be processed.

If wire transfers are the only way you can make payment, we will try to accommodate you. To reduce overhead and avoid interruption in service, we ask that you pre-pay for one year (including add-on services, exchange fees, and tax if applicable). Annual pre-paid subscriptions are for 12 consecutive months and are non-transferable. By pre-paying, you will enjoy a discount of your base subscription fees.

To submit a wire transfer, please provide the following information:

  • Date
  • Customer ID Number
  • Customer Name
  • Business Name (if applicable)
  • Exact Dollar Amount in U.S. Funds

Then you can wire funds with the above information to:

ICE Data Services, Inc

Bank of America

231 South LaSalle St.

Chicago, IL 60697

Account #: 8188408460
Wire Routing #: 026009593
SwiftCode: BOFAUS3N
ACH Routing #: 071000039