How do Annual/Pre-Pay Subscriptions work?

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eSignal offers the ability to Pre-Pay for a whole year's worth of subscription ahead of time, rather than paying monthly for your subscription. Note, however, that there are some important things to consider when Pre-Paying for your eSignal subscription, as covered in the following sections.

Pre-Paying for eSignal

Pre-Paid subscriptions are for 12 consecutive months, and for customers subscribing to eSignal for the first time, they are non-refundable after the initial 30-day trial period. Pre-Paid subscriptions are always non-transferable.

What if I need to Temporarily Suspend my subscription?

eSignal does not provide provisions for temporary suspensions for Pre-Paid accounts, so you must commit for one full year of subscription. If you need to minimize your monthly reoccurring charges, you can cancel Add-On and Exchange packages, and restart them when you return from vacation or from your hiatus. Please note, however, that there is no credit for the time you may not have used the service.

Is there a discount for Annual/Pre-Paid subscriptions?

eSignal does offer a discount for eSignal Classic, Signature, and Elite subscription packages, but the discount only applies to the base subscription package, and we do not offer discounts for pre-paying for Exchanges or Add-Ons.

How does the subscription Renewal work?

All pre-paid accounts will automatically renew when their current Pre-Paid subscription cycle expires. When this happens, the Credit or Debit Card on file will be charged at the current prevailing rates.

For your convenience, we do automatically send an Emailed renewal reminder 30 days before your current Pre-Paid cycle expires, to the Email address we have on file for your account. If you wish to avoid Automatic Renewal and Cancel your subscription, or if you want to convert to a monthly rate, please contact Customer Service prior to your renewal date using one of the methods listed on our Contact Us page located here.