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AbleSys’ AbleTrend add-on is an indicator package designed for use on the eSignal platform. Now with seamless integration with eSignal, you can place AbleTrend’s time-tested signals directly onto your eSignal charts. AbleTrend signals will show up as add-on indicators to the eSignal platform, so that you may have all features of eSignal and AbleTrend working together seamlessly, such as range bar chart, price alerts, etc.

With AbleTrend, you can apply specific buy, sell and exit signals exclusive to eSignal subscribers in order to:

  • Improve your trading decisions with real time (up-to-ticks) market trends with Buy/Sell signals
  • Make better trades with natural law based optimized stops (key support/resistance levels)
  • Gain a competitive trading edge in stocks, futures, e-minis, or Forex

Please note the following regarding AbleTrend:

  • You may install AbleTrend 7.0 indicators to eSignal version 12.x, 21.x, or newer.