PRODUCT NOTICE - 10/27/2023 - Discontinuation of QCharts

ICE Data Services -

Effective 10/27/2023, we are no longer allowing users to subscribe or re-subscribe to QCharts. Instead, we recommend you sign up for eSignal either through the Classic, Signature, or Elite package as described on our website here.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What if I already have an active QCharts subscription?

Users that already have a QCharts subscription are considered to have been grandfathered into the program and may continue subscribing to QCharts and using the program. However, please note that as the program is no longer supported by our Development Team, we cannot guarantee its continued performance.

What if I am a Student signing up for Profits On Wall Street (POWS)?

Customers attempting to sign up for QCharts that are coming from Chris Hanson's Profits On Wall Street classes will be asked to sign up for eSignal instead of QCharts. We are no longer allowing any customers to sign up for QCharts. For your convenience we have created a backup file you can use that will load all the necessary defaults for your charts for Chris' class into eSignal, located here.

What if I need to Temporarily Cancel my QCharts subscription?

Customers that need to temporarily cancel (or as some refer to it as "pausing") their QCharts subscription will be required to sign up with eSignal if they wish to return.

What if my active QCharts subscription cancels due to a Credit Card decline or due to Billing Issues?

Customers who have had their QCharts subscription cancel due to a Credit Card decline or due to a Billing Issue may be allowed to restart their QCharts subscription on a case-by-case basis. If your subscription to QCharts does cancel due to either of these two reasons, please reach out to our Customer Service team.