2.2 - Configuring eSignal's Window Behavior

ICE Data Services -

Beginning with eSignal 12, you are now able to configure Windows in eSignal to work in one of three modes:

  • Docked Windows
    With docked windows, any new window that gets opened will automatically snap (as in, autosize) to the other windows in the page without any overlapping. Moving windows around is as easy as dragging a window to a new location, and all other windows adjust to the new location automatically.
  • Standard with AutoSize
    If you want to manually resize the windows, but have the adjoining windows resize automatically in accordance with the window you resized, then you can choose this setting.
  • Standard
    If you need to manually resize the windows without having the adjoining windows resize automatically, you can use this mode. Users coming from eSignal 10.6 and QCharts will be the most familiar with this mode.

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