2.3 - Configuring eSignal's Price Formatting

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eSignal allows you to configure the way prices appear in your windows, such as showing full precision, or changing the way volume or multi-digit numbers are displayed. These settings are found within the Main Menu > Application Properties > Formatting menu:

  • Show Full Price Precision
    This setting allows you to show the full price precision of symbols that support it, namely stocks that trade in sub-penny increments. Once enabled, full price precision is displayed where available (the number goes out more than two decimal places, i.e. 123.45). With it disabled, it only shows the price out to two decimal places (and rounds to the nearest penny for symbols that would otherwise be able to show full price precision, i.e. 123.44678).
  • Compact Price Display
    This setting allows users to remove the decimal place indicator, and is mostly applicable for those focused on trading futures. Instead of it displaying a decimal point (123.45) it simply shows the price without any marking to indicate decimal (12345).
  • Use System Formatting
    Beginning with eSignal 21, you can now change the format for numbers, including changing the currency symbol, the decimal indicator, and the number grouping indicator, such as if you have a US-based computer, but want to display numbers in a European format (123,456.78 vs 123.456,78).
  • Volume
    This controls how the Volume is displayed across eSignal, and has the options to display as a Whole Number (123456), as an Abbreviated Number (123K), or as a Comma Separated number (123,456).
  • Currency Value
    This setting controls how currency is displayed in a portfolio, and has three settings, just like Volume: Whole Number ($123456.78), Abbreviated ($123K), and Comma Separated ($123,456.78). You can also configure how many decimal places out your currency values are displayed.

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