Section 3 - Creating and Saving Pages

ICE Data Services -

Now that eSignal has been configured to your liking, its time to create your first page and save it! A Page can be comprised of one or multiple window types (such as Watch Lists, Charts, Hot Lists, Market Depth windows, etc...).

  • Pages in eSignal 12 and 21 are similar to Pages in eSignal 10.6, and are the equivalent to QChart's Workspaces.
  • When first launching eSignal, you may notice that there are a number of pages that are provided by default. You can choose to use one of these pages, or you can close all of them by right-clicking on one of the Page tabs at the bottom of eSignal where the name of the page is, and in the pop-up menu that appears, click "Close all pages".
  • If you chose to close all the default pages, you will be left with a blank page called "New Page." In this blank page, you can add new window types by clicking "New" in the main toolbar at the top of eSignal, and then choosing what window type you would like to add to the page (window types are discussed further in Section 5).
  • To save your New Page, you have a couple of options: (1) If you click the Main Menu, and choose "Save Page" it will open a new window that will let you choose where to save the page, as well as what you want to name the page. The name of the File you configure here will appear as the name of the page in the tab at the bottom of eSignal. (2) If you click on the tab at the bottom of eSignal where it says "New Page", a context menu appears. Select "Save Page" to have the same aforementioned window appear, allowing you to set the save location, and name of the page. Or, (3) if you are finished with eSignal, you can click the big "X" in the very top right-hand corner of eSignal to close the software, and by default eSignal is configured to ask if you want to save any New Pages you created and made modifications to, or if you want to save any pre-existing Pages you made modifications to.
  • To create an additional new Page, you can either navigate to the Main Menu located in the top left-hand corner of eSignal, and select "New Page" in the drop-down menu that appears, or you can click the "+" icon at the bottom of eSignal where all your tabs are located (this button sits just after the last tab at the bottom).

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