5.4 - Market Screener Plus+

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eSignal's Market Screener Plus+ offers both technical and fundamental scanners across 35 different exchanges, with variable time frames. Market Screener Plus+ can be configured using a preset library of scan options (33 technical analysis studies, and 45 fundamental fields for US Equities) that can be customized to allow you to discover new opportunities in the market.

To open a Market Screener Plus+ window:

  1. In the main toolbar at the top of eSignal, click on "New".
  2. In the drop-down menu that appears, click on "Market Screener Plus".
  3. You should now see the Market Screener Plus window appear within eSignal.

Keep in mind the following about Market Screener Plus+:

  • Limited Scans
    By default Classic, Signature, and Elite have different limits to the number of Exchanges those packages are Entitled to scan for at a time. Additionally, you can only change which Exchanges you would like to scan for once every 24 hours.
    • With Classic, you are able to scan across 1 Exchange at a time.
    • With Signature, you are able to scan across 3 Exchanges at a time.
    • With Elite, you are able to scan across 5 Exchanges at a time.
  • Standard and Text Modes
    The screener is capable of displaying the scan criteria in both Standard or Text modes, to allow users to choose between whatever setting they may find easier to read and understand. To change between these modes:
    • Go to the eSignal Main Menu > Select "Application Properties".
    • In the menu on the left side of the Application Properties window, click "Market Screener Plus".
    • In the "View Mode" drop-down menu, select "Standard" or "Text", whichever you choose.
    • Click "OK" in the bottom left-hand corner to save the changes and close the Application Properties window.
    • Your Market Screener Plus filter should now be in the mode you selected.
  • Custom Filtering in Market Screener Plus+
    With Market Screener Plus+, you can perform scans based on a list of symbols, exchanges, customized expressions, bar values, fundamental data, and technical indicators. To create a filter:
    • Click the Funnel icon at the top of the Market Screener Plus+ window to display the filter.
    • Click the Gear icon next to the drop-down menu at the top of the Market Screener Plus+ window.
    • In the menu that appears, click "New filter" to create a new filter.
    • Use the left-hand area of the filter to select the scan criteria you wish to use. You can also use the search to search for keywords for different types of data, technical, and fundamental values or expressions.
    • Use the right-hand area of the filter to edit the expressions and values to tune the filter to your liking.
    • Click "Scan" to initiate a scan.
  • Default Filters
    eSignal Market Screener Plus+ also comes with some default scans built into it, allowing you to quickly create scans depending on what you are scanning for. The default scans available are as follows:
    • 4 Day Gain
    • 4 Day Loss
    • 5 Day Volume Decrease
    • 5 Day Volume Increase
    • 52 Week High
    • Average Crossover
    • Bearish Engulfing
    • Bullish Harami
    • Gap Up
    • MACD Bearish Cross
    • MACD Bullish Cross
    • Narrow Range Inside 4
    • PE Market Cap Growth
    • Piercing Lower BB
    • Piercing Higher BB
    • RSI Cross Over 30
    • RSI Cross Under 70
    • Stochastic Outside Crossover
    • Wide Range Outside 4
  • Editing the Columns Displayed
    Just as with a Watch List window, you can edit the columns displayed in a Market Screener Plus+ window to display any information about the symbols you scan for that you would need, including adding studies to the list. To edit the columns:
    • Right-click on one of the Column Headers.
    • In the menu that appears, click "Edit Columns".
    • You should now see the Edit Columns window. Within this window you can rearrange columns by selecting a column and using the arrows to move it up or down in the list, or by dragging and dropping. You can also remove columns by clicking the "X" next to the "+" icon. To add new columns, click the "+" icon, search for and select the type of column you want to add, click Apply, and then click "Close" or search for and select another column type you want to add.
  • Changing the Look And Feel
    If you need to change the Properties of the Market Screener Plus+ window, you can do so by right-clicking in the list area for the scanner, and then selecting "Properties" in the menu that appears. Within the Properties menu you can:
    • Change the Data and Symbol Cell colors, font, and alerts.
    • Change the Grid Lines.
    • Change the Focus Outline.
    • Change the Direction coloration.
    • Change Data settings for the screener.
    • Change the Rescan Frequency.
    • Change the Trading Defaults.
  • Changing the Rescan Frequency
    With Market Screener Plus+,  you can configure your filter to automatically scan the exchange for symbols that match your criteria, on an interval basis. Keep in mind, however, that the more often you perform scans, the higher the performance hit it can have on your eSignal application, and additionally you may not have enough time to react to or analyze the list as it is updated.

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