5.5 - Hot Lists

ICE Data Services -

Hot Lists are pre-built scans that look through the markets to identify the best trading opportunities and update them automatically every 30 seconds. There are the traditional gainers, losers and volume lists here, but also unique scans, such as Unusual Volume, Most Volatile and Trade Rate Hot Lists.

To open a Hot List:

  1. In the main eSignal toolbar at the top, click "New".
  2. In the drop-down menu that appears, click "Hot List".
  3. You should now see a Hot List window appear on your page.

Things to note about the Hot List window:

  • The Hot List appears in a spreadsheet format with symbols listed by Value. The Value is dependent on the Hot List.
  • To avoid the inclusion of thinly traded equities, only equities that trade at least 100,000 shares with at least 50 transactions will be included in the results, although some exceptions may apply.
  • Hot Lists begin to calculate at market open (9:30 am ET) with some lists continuing to update with post market activity (NASD Trade Rate, for example). Pre-market activity is not included.

Additional Hot List window features:

  • You can link the Hot List window to your other windows by clicking the oval in the top left-hand corner of the Hot List window, and setting the color to match that of the color of other windows you wish to link it to.
  • Hot Lists must be filtered by either Stock or Index, and you can only scan on of of the 9 Exchanges available at a time:
    • AMEX
    • CAN
    • CAN ETF
    • NASDAQ
    • NYSE
    • TSX
    • TSX Venture
    • US
    • US ETF
  • The list of available filters for the Hot List are as follows:
    • Above VWAP (cents)
    • Below VWAP (cents)
    • Largest Range
    • Monthly Percent Gainers
    • Monthly Percent Losers
    • Most Volatile
    • New Yearly Highs
    • New Yearly Lows
    • Percent Gainers
    • Percent Losers
    • Quarterly Percent Gainers
    • Quarterly Percent Losers
    • Trade Rate
    • Trades
    • Unfilled Gaps
    • Unusual Volume
    • Very Short Term Down
    • Very Short Term Up
    • Volume
    • Volume Rate
    • Weekly Percent Gainers
    • Weekly Percent Losers

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