eSignal 10.6 - Quote Board Window Basics

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eSignal 10.6 - Quote Board Window Basics

The Quote Board allows you to view Open, High, Low, Close and net change information on stocks, commodities, futures, spreads and options.

Here's a sample screenshot of a Quote Board:


The vertical bar in each window is called a Thermometer indicator. The Thermometer reflects the relative trading range for that day with the inside bar dynamically updating to reflect the current price. The small Blue Arrow points to the Open value.

Opening and Entering symbols in the Quote Board
To open a new Quote Board, go to File=>New =>Quote Board.


To enter a symbol, simply  click in any box and start typing the symbol. Once completed, press enter.  To change a symbol, click in the box of the symbol you want to change, enter the symbol and then press enter.

Quote Board Right-Click Functions

By right-clicking the mouse inside one of the boxes in the Quote Board will display the menu of options.  


By clicking on Properties you will open the Quote Board Properties window in which you can change the Colors and Fonts, as well as to remove the Grid Lines. Looking at the menu of options, you will notice that you can access any of the other eSignal windows, such as  Advanced Charts and Time & Sales.

To expand the size of the Quote Board, simply re-size the window by dragging the mouse arrow over the edges of the window. New rows/columns will be automatically added or subtracted.

Fast Market/Settlement Indicator
The 'S' you see below indicates that the futures contract has settled for the day.  You may also see an 'F' which indicates a Fast Market.  You can change the color of this indicator in the Quote Board Properties mentioned above.

What Colors Represent
The text color in each box indicates whether the price is up, down, or unchanged. The default colors are Red, Green, and Gold. Red indicates that the last tick price was below the opening price; Green indicates that the price is above the opening price; and Gold indicates that the price is same/or unchanged as the opening. These colors can be customized by the user.

Customizing Fields
To customize the fields in the Quote Board, right-click the mouse and click on 'Customize Fields...' and a window called 'Customize Fields' will open. (Image below)


There will be two boxes inside that window, the 'Available Fields' and the 'Selected Fields'.  To add or remove a field, just highlight the field, then click the arrows mceclip8.png and  mceclip9.png located between the Available Fields and the Selected Fields.


If you noticed above 'Previous Close', 'Bid Price' and 'Ask Price' has been added to the Selected Fields. The Quote Board will look like the one below.