eSignal - Market Maker Ticker Window Basics

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eSignal - Market Maker Ticker Window Basics

Market Makers (MMs) and Specialists (specs) make the market in stocks. MMs are part of the National Association of Securities Dealers market (NASD), sometimes called Over The Counter (OTC), and specs work on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). They both serve a similar function, but MMs and specs have a number of differences. For more information on Market Makers or Specialists visit the following sites on the NASDAQ and NYSE web sites.


If you are an eSignal Nasdaq Level II subscriber, you can view market maker activity within a scrolling ticker. You can color code up ticks, down ticks and neutral ticks, and restrict data to all up ticks, high-bid up ticks only or low-offer down ticks, etc. You can be as inclusive as you need to be.

You can even use this valuable tool to track a certain market maker's activity on a whole list of hot stock candidates. This will be especially useful when tracking one or all of the large institutional market makers (for example, GSCO, MLCO, FBCO, MSCO, LEHM, SBSH).

Creating new Market Maker Ticker Window
From the menu bar, click on File, New, Ticker and then Market Maker Ticker from the sub-menu

Ticker Window Options Dialog Box
To filter Ticker window Market Maker sources, select Ticker Options then Properties from the menu bar (Shortcut: Alt-O, P) and the Ticker Window Options Dialog box will appear.

Scroll Direction - Click the Horizontal or Vertical button to choose the scrolling direction.
Scroll Method - Click the button for the horizontal scrolling method you want to use.
Idle - Choose this option if you want the ticker to scroll only when the computer’s microprocessor is idle. This method causes the least load on your computer but scrolling can be jerky.
Timer - Choose this method if you want scrolling to happen at a more even pace. The timer method places more of a burden on your computer than the idle method.
Scroll Bars - Choose this option if you want scroll bars to appear on your vertical ticker.
Time - Select this option to include the current time in each item of information that appears in the ticker.
Scroll Speed - With horizontal scrolling, position the slider to choose the rate at which information scrolls in the ticker.
News Alerts - Displays a message when a symbol in any open Quote window is the subject of a news alert.
Files - Displays the names of text files as they are received.
Ticker Colors - Select when you want ticker colors to change.
Change on Close -  Changes colors in the Ticker window on close.
Change on Tick -  Changes colors in the Ticker window on tick.
OK - Click to put your choices into effect.
Cancel - Click to close the dialog box without making changes.

Market Maker Activity Ticker Dialog Window
Make sure the Market Maker box is selected, then click the Symbols button to the right and the Market Maker Activity Ticker Options dialog box will appear.  This dialog box enables you to set options that affect the appearance and function of the active Ticker window. 

Change Colors and Fonts
Click on the Ticker Window to make it the active window. Go up to Ticker Options on the menu bar then Colors, highlight the field that you wish to change then click the Choose Color button.  From the Ticker Options menu, select Fonts in order to change the Font, Style and Size

Save as Default
Go up to Ticker Options on the menu bar then click Save As Default to save any changes made to the Ticker. All new Ticker windows will have these preferences added.

To find a Market Maker by their symbol visit or click here to download a list of Market Participants along with their corresponding MMIDs.