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This article provides instructions on how to configure the Tradier Plug-in with eSignal.
Important Update:  For the time being, an entitlement must be added if you are planning to use the Tradier Plug-in with eSignal.  Please contact us in order to add the Tradier entitlement to your eSignal account. 

Set-up requirements include:
1. An active subscription to eSignal.  
2. The latest version of eSignal. Click here to access the download page.
3. An open and funded account with Tradier.

Once eSignal has been installed, use the following instructions to configure the Tradier plug-in.

Configuration Instructions
The Tradier plug-in is included with eSignal.  To set it up, click Trade and select Broker Manager. Click the Add Icon (+ sign).
Select Tradier Brokerage from the Broker dropdown list.

Click OK to add Tradier Brokerage.

Highlight Tradier Brokerage in the left pane, click the Properties tab, then select the Connection Settings icon.

In the Connection Settings menu, click Connect.
You'll be prompted to enter your Tradier account login info.  Enter your Tradier Username and Password then click Login.
Once you answer your security question, you'll need to click Approve Access.
This will generate an authorization code which you'll be prompted to enter on the next screen.  Once added, click OK

This will establish your connection to the Tradier plug-in the lightning icon shown below will turn green.  In the Message column you'll receive confirmation that the Tradier plug-in is connected. 

Dictionary & Order Defaults
The dictionary stores all the symbols mapped between eSignal and Tradier.  Tradier symbols not recognized by eSignal will be highlighted in orange.  These symbols will need to be manually mapped by clicking the symbol and choosing Edit (or double clicking the symbol). 

In the eSignal ID field you will need to manually type the eSignal equivalent symbol and click Accept.  For Tradier Stock Options, the format will be root symbol, year code, month, expiration day, (C for Calls, P for Puts), strike price.