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order ticket designer
broker template editor settings
creating a new template
adding and customizing buttons

the esignal program allows you to add an order ticket to almost any window to make it a fast and easy way to prepare your trades within the esignal.  to attach an order ticket to any window, simply activate that specific window by left clicking within the window and from the top of the menu bar click on trade -> attach order ticket.  the order ticket will attach to the bottom of that window as shown below and simply fill in the following information.

quote window

advanced chart

order ticket designer
the order ticket designer will allow you to add or change the buttons to customize the appearance and functions of the window according to your needs.  to access the order ticket designer, from the top of the menu bar, click on trade -> order ticket designer and the broker template editor box will appear.
another way to access the broker template editor is by right clicking the mouse in the order entry ticket window and clicking edit template

broker template editor settings

template manager - choose between two default configurations, equities or futures, which are just samples that users can modify, or create your own by clicking on the new button.
new - this function allows a user to create their own template.
remove - this function allows to remove templates.
properties - this screen allows the user to modify data fields and the order ticket's appearance.  for example, adjust the foreground/background colors, grids, price and quantity change, add .efs(esignal formula script) studies, button size, show/hide manual and active orders, show/hide order status and change background images.
remove and edit buttons allow users to delete and modify (respectively) selected buttons.
hotkeys - allows the user to create their own keyboard templates for many of the commands and menu items used in esignal. this features helps users quickly access frequently used functions and windows on the order entry via the keyboard.    see more information on keyboard customization in article #1677.
layout - allows the users to customized set up of the order ticket.
add button - this function allows users to create and customize buttons for more efficient order management.  directly below is a brief description of this powerful feature, which allows users to customize individual buttons to handle most order management tasks.
remove and edit buttons allow users to delete and modify (respectively) selected buttons.

creating a new template
1. click the "new" button, then enter a name in the "new template name" field. click ok.

2. click the "properties" button to open the broker settings window.

3. now, notice that the broker template editor is blank.  to start configuring the new template adding buttons, click "add button".  

adding and customizing buttons
a button can be created to place orders, cancel orders, close positions, etc.
let's walk through an example of how these roles can be customized. click "add button" in the broker template editor window and follow the instructions below.

1. go to "action" and select "place order"

2. in the "order" section, select "buy", "limit", "day" (leave routing blank).

3. since we're creating a button to send buy limit orders, we'll need a limit price.  we've checked "last,"
    but one of the other options may be more appropriate for your style and type of contract traded.

4. choose a quantity you feel most appropriate.

5. finally, you can alter the cosmetic appearance of your button (e.g. green for buy, red for sell).

the order entry ticket works with most of our integrated trading partners. please visit our broker partner page for further information.