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eSignal 12’s Trade Manager enables you to quickly place or modify orders with a single mouse click while viewing real-time market depth on a DOM (Depth of Market) display. DOM is also referred to as a Price Ladder. We have also added a Trade Controls Panel and with the new Money Management Planner window, it is now possible to create and implement sophisticated trade management strategies, such as scaling out of positions, trailing stops, multi-level trailing stops, etc.

Open a Trade Manager Window
To open a Trade Manager window, click New, then Trade Manager from the main menu. A keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+0) is also available.


Alternatively, the Trade Manager window can be launched by right-clicking any symbol from another window (such as the Watch List window) and selecting Actions For [symbol] then Open in Trade Manager.

The Trade Manager consists of two components, the Price Ladder (DOM) and the Trading Controls panel:

DOM (Depth of Market)
The DOM displays real-time, streaming market depth data from either your broker (via an installed broker plug-in) or from eSignal (via Paper Trading) in the Depth of Market format. 

The Bid/Ask columns display the bid size in both histogram and numerical format.  In the Price column, the average entry price, last trade price, and the ticks in/out of the money are highlighted.

Limit, stop limit, and stop orders can be placed (using the Price Ladder) by left-clicking the desired price under the Price Level column.  They are displayed on the DOM at the price specified along with size of the order. Open orders can be modified or canceled by right-clicking on the order.  An order can also be canceled by clicking on the "x" on the order display.

To "freeze" the display, move your mouse to the area next to the Bid or Ask columns.  The area turns orange and the prices will stop updating and give you a snapshot of the current market. This feature can be toggled on and off in the Trading Controls section of the Properties dialog box.

Re-Center Last Trade price
The last trade price can be re-centered in the Trade Manager DOM by placing the mouse on the Price Ladder and double- clicking the center button of the mouse. Additionally, you can click Trade Manager from the main menu and select Re-center Price Scale.

Minimize Bid/Ask Gap
This option enables you to reduce the gap between the Inside Bid and Inside Ask to one row.  When enabled, a tick count is displayed that displays the gap distance.

Trading Controls Panel
Buy and Sell Button: Selecting either button will enter an order the appropriate order. you can toggle whether to display the Order Ticket before the order is placed by clicking Trade on the main menu bar and selecting Broker Manager. selecting the Properties tab will display a check box to "Confirm Order Before Submitting".

P/L:  Real-time Profit/Loss position. Profitable positions are displayed in green as a positive number while unprofitable positions are displayed in red as a negative number (as shown the example below). By left-clicking inside the box, you can toggle to display the profit and loss information as number of ticks or as a percentage or a dollar amount.

Position: Displays the number of shares or contracts in the position that is open. A positive number signifies a long position and a negative number signifies a short position. If there is no current open position, the word "Flat" will appear in the box. The display of the closed position can be toggled on or off in the trade controls properties dialog box.

Cancel, Reverse, Close: The entire position be reversed from long to short or from short to long, or closed using these buttons.

Change: Default number of shares or contracts can be adjusted in this menu. The display of this feature can be toggle on or off in Trading Controls dialog box.

Exit Strategy: Implement an exit strategy created using the Money Management Planner. Click here for instructions on how to use the Money Management Planner to create and apply an exit strategy.

Trade Manager Menu
An alternative to using the Trading Controls panel is to click Trade Manager on the main menu bar and select the action you want from the dropdown menu.

New Order: Displays an Order Ticket window to place new order.
Cancel All Orders: Cancels all open or pending orders. A keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+A) is also available.
Close Position for Current Symbol: Closes the position for the symbol currently displayed in the Trade Manager.
Reverse Position: Reverses a long position to a short position and reverses a short position to a long.
Close and Cancel All: Closes all existing positions and canceled all pending orders . A keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+B) is also available.
Market Data: Broker Click to switch to eSignal data: Toggles between using data from the broker and the eSignal feed.
Re-center Price Scale: Center the last trade price in the middle of the Trade Manager.
Properties: Launches the Trade Properties Dialog Box. A keyboard shortcut (Alt+Return) is also available.
Undo: Select to undo an action. A keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Z) is also available.
Redo: Select to reinstate an action that was undone. A keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Y) is also available.

Trade Manager Properties Dialog Box
Grid Lines: Enables you to display grid lines on the DOM and change their color.

DOM View: Change fonts and colors of cells.

Order/Position View: Change colors of order and position displays.

 Trading Controls: Specify what items to display in Trading Controls panel.

Show Account: Toggles display of Account box on the Trade Manager title bar.

Show Quantity: Toggles display of number of default shares or contracts for order ticket
freeze price ladder on mouse-over: enables or disables the freeze price ladder function.
enable single click order modification (exit strategy orders only): if enabled, it allows you to change a stop or limit order price to exit your position by single clicking a price level instead of dragging and dropping the order price to the new price level.
Show Total P/L Of A Closed Position: Toggle on or off the display of a closed position.
Enable Placing Stop Limit Orders With Middle Mouse Button Click: Toggles on or off the ability to place a Stop Limit order by using the middle mouse button.
show sl+(set tick amount for stop limit orders): allows you to set the number of ticks of leeway above or below of the limit order portion of a stop limit you are willing to accept for the order to filled.