Fibonacci Time

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How do I apply the Fibonacci Time tool in eSignal?

The Fibonacci Time tool is used to project Fibonacci ratios out into time, based upon Pivot Points affecting future Pivot Points.

To apply the Fibonacci Time tool on a chart, left-click on the icon labeled FIB TIME on the Line Toolbar:

Fibonacci Time is commonly drawn from Pivot Point to Pivot Point from the same side of the market. For example, you would choose a Primary Pivot Point as your start for Fibonacci Time, and then pick a second Primary Pivot Point as your ending point for Fibonacci Time, with both Pivot Points being on the top or bottom of the market:

To configure the Fibonacci Time tool, right-click on the FIB TIME icon on the Line Toolbar. This will open the Fibonacci Time properties box:


The On/Off toggle buttons indicate whether or not the corresponding Fibonacci Time value will be included when you draw Fibonacci Time.

The Value number boxes indicate what Fibonacci ratios are used. If the corresponding On/Off button is toggled On, that retracement level will be included when you draw the Fibonacci Time.

The Color selection list allow you to change the color for each Fibonacci ratio.

To remove the Fibonacci Time tool, right-click the Fibonacci Time tool you want to erase. When the Fibonacci Time properties box appears, left-click Remove.