What is eSignal Futures Trader?

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eSignal Futures Trader is a trading integration feature that's allowed us to join forces with multiple FCMs to deliver one of the industry's most comprehensive solutions for the electronic futures trading community. Through our integration with the trade execution platform and many Futures Clearing Merchants (FCMs), this feature allows for flexible trading options and a seamless connection between our trading platform and that of your futures broker. 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary benefits of using the eSignal Futures Trader plugin?

  • eSignal Futures Trader offers you the convenience of trading through eSignal with access to multiple FCMs.
  • The trading integration reduces costs and the complexity of doing business with multiple vendors.
  • eSignal Futures Trader offers Exchange Fee Waivers on some exchanges to further reduce costs.

Which FCMs are supported?

Generally we support the FCMs listed on CQG's FCM Partners page located here.

How do I get started with eSignal Futures Trader?

For current eSignal subscribers with an account with a participating FCM broker:

  1. Email both the following link and your eSignal username to your broker: https://secure.esignal.com/accountmaintenance/traderrequest.aspx 
  2. The broker will then complete and submit it on your behalf.
  3. Upon submission, your will receive a confirmation email. Your request will be completed within 2 business days

How do I access eSignal Futures Trader and connect to my FCM?

Once you have installed eSignal, you will be able to configure a connection to your FCM through the Broker Manager under the Trade menu.  For more information, please see our article on how to integrate trading for eSignal 21.x located here, or if you are using 12.x see the article located here instead.

What exchanges qualify for the fee waiver through eSignal Futures Trader?

The available exchanges are dependent on the FCM and what's specified in the approved order form. For a list of Top of Book services please click here.

Can you trade through more than one FCM?

Yes, eSignal Futures Trader allows you to trade through multiple FCMs simultaneously.  Set up a connection to each FCM through the Broker Manager.  You can easily pick the desired FCM from the broker connection list from he Order Ticket and trading panels before placing a trade.   You will be able to switch back and forth as desired or set different windows to trade different accounts.

What are the fees for the eSignal Futures Trader?

eSignal Futures Trader is included with your eSignal subscription at no additional charge.  The FCM will charge their standard trading fees as will CQG for transactions.  Please contact your FCM for rates.  

What is the commission Structure?

Please contact your FCM for rates.

Can I use the native FCM symbols when placing trades in eSignal Futures Trader?

Yes, standard FCM symbology can be used, but is recommended to map the eSignal symbol to the FCM symbol through the Dictionary & Order Defaults tab in the Broker Manager.

Can the eSignal Futures Trader broker integration be added to any eSignal product?

The eSignal Futures Trader can be added to eSignal Signature and eSignal Elite. eSignal Futures Trader is not available for the eSignal OnDemand or eSignal Classic.

Notices About eSignal Futures Trader 

Important Update (07/20/2023) -- Please note if you are using eSignal Futures Trader plug-in, you will need to download the latest version of it:

  1. Copy the following link and paste it into your Web Browser:
  2. The download should begin immediately.
  3. When the plug-in finishes downloading, open and run it.
  4. Follow the installation prompts, and ensure that Logging is turned off.
  5. Once finished, restart eSignal.