eSignal - Moving Average of a Study

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esignal - moving average of a study

this article provides instructions for creating a moving average of a study (i.e. a moving average of a moving average).  although it's been possible to do this via efs for a while now,  this feature is now built into the application with the release of esignal 10.5.  visit our download page for a free upgrade to the latest version of esignal. 

to access this feature, right click on the advanced chart and select basic studies, moving average. 

in the edit studies window, click the drop-down menu for 'source' and select 'study'. 

a sub-menu of all the available studies will appear including the ability to add a moving average (i.e. a moving average of a moving average). 

once the study has been added you can select all the parameters for the 2nd study (i.e. length, source, etc.).  click here for a listing (technical analysis dictionary) of how many of the built in studies are calculated.