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Foreign Currency Options - Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX)

In conjunction with the release of version 7.7, eSignal now supports Foreign Currency Options (FCO) from the Philadelphia Stock Exchanges (PHLX).

There is a $5/mo charge to add these PHLX Foreign Currency Options to your account (same rate for both pro and non-pro subscribers). You'll also need a level of service that allows for Options, although you don't neccesarily need to subscribe to Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) to receive the FCO data. If you are currently eligible to add OPRA to your service or already subscribe to OPRA, you can add FCO to your service via Account Maintenance. If not, you'll need to contact Sales or Customer Service to upgrade your account.

You'll also need to be using eSignal version 7.7 or higher. Visit the eSignal Download site for your free upgrade.

Symbol Information

These FCOs are based on six major currencies. The short form for these individual options have the same syntax as equity / index options (YYY xz) where Y represents the root symbol, x the month and put/call code and z the strike price. You can also view these options as an Option Chain (right click on underlying symbol and choose Options Chain).

The strike price values are dramatically different from standard equity and index options strikes as to allow for much smaller movements of the underlying currency. These trade infrequently and seeing 0's throughout the options window is generally the norm.

Special root symbols have been created for each of the FCO series. This will allow a user to pull up an option chain from a quote page. The last price for each underlying root of the FCO series (for ex, the Australian series $CAD, $CAY, CAZ, etc) will all match as they each represent the underlying currency spot price (compared to the USD). 

For ex. the last price on $CAD, $CAY, $CAZ, etc will roughly match that of the main underlying spot currency rate AUD A0-FX, although these FCO roots will only update about once every 10 mins or so.

Strike Price Type Legend:
mm = Mid month expirations
alt = Mid month alternate symbols
even = Mid month even strikes
open = Mid month odd strikes
half = Mid month 1/2 point strike

Style Legend:
= American Style (An option that can be exercised anytime before expiration).
ES = European Style (An option that can only be exercised on the expiration date).

For further information on trading and working with these FCO's, please visit the PHLX site.

Symbol Foreign Currency Strike Type Style 


Australian Dollar  mmES 
$CAYAustralian Dollar  altES  
$CAZ Australian Dollar  halfES  
$XAD Australian Dollar  mmAS  
$XAY Australian Dollar  alt AS 
$XAZ Australian Dollar  halfAS 
$CBPBritish Pound  mm ES  
$CBX British Pound  alt ES  
$CBY British Pound  alt ES  
$XBP British Pound  mm AS
$XBX  British Pound  alt AS 
$XBY  British Pound  alt AS 
$CCD Canadian Dollar mm ES 
$CCV Canadian Dollar  alt ES 
$XCD Canadian Dollar  mm AS 
$XCV Canadian Dollar  alt AS 
$ECB Euro Dollar odd ES 
$ECU Euro Dollar  even ES 
$ECY Euro Dollar  alt ES 
$XEB Euro Dollar  odd AS 
$XEU Euro Dollar  even AS 
$XEV Euro Dollar  alt AS 
$CJJ Japanese Yen alt ES 
$CJV Japanese Yen  alt ES 
$CJY Japanese Yen mm ES 
$CJZJapanese Yen  half ES 
$XJJ Japanese Yen  alt AS 
$XJV Japanese Yen  alt AS 
$XJY Japanese Yen  mm AS 
$XJZ Japanese Yen half AS 
$CSF Swiss Francmm ES 
$CSY Swiss Franc alt ES 
$CSZ Swiss Franc half ES 
$XSF Swiss Franc mm AS 
$XSY Swiss Franc alt AS 
$XSZ Swiss Franc half AS