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eSignal Classic or OnDemand History Data

For the eSignal Classic or OnDemand service (delayed snap, intraday history and EOD data) we break history data into three separate categories: standard intraday, extended intraday and daily. Except for today's daily bar, daily data is updated shortly after each market is closed and includes Open/High/Low/Close and Volume information (plus Open Interest for Futures). Standard and extended intraday data comprises minute intervals (like 1, 3, 5, 30, 60 etc.). The following date ranges are approximations for the majority of symbols in that category. Date range may differ by specific symbols.
Data is available 24 hours a day (except during occasional weekend maintenance periods). Intraday data is delayed per exchange regulations typically varying from 10 to 30 minutes. 


Category Standard 
Ext. Intraday** Daily / Weekly / Monthly
 North American Stocks  120 days  Back to Apr
 Back to 1990 (as far as 1968 for several)
 North American Futures  120 days  Back to Mar
 Varies by contract, as many as 31 years ***
 North American Indices  120 days  Back to Apr
 Back to 1990 (as far as 1970 for several)
 South America Equities and Indices  120 days  --  3 - 6+ years (varies by instrument)
 U.S. Mutual Funds / Money Markets  --  --  Back to 1994
 European Equities and Indices  120 days  --  5 - 10+ years (varies by instrument)
 Asia Pacific Equities and Indices  120 days  --  3 - 6+ years (varies by instrument)
 European / Asia Pacific Futures  120 days  Back to Mar
 Varies by contract, as many as 9 years ***
 Forex (bid / ask data only)  120 days  Back to Mar
 Back to 1983 on major pairs


* 120 days of standard intraday history available in eSignal's Advanced Charting and in most third party applications (such as Metastock or Ensign). eSignal's standard charting will continue to go back 60 days.

** Extended intraday data is available to eSignal Classic or OnDemand users as an add-on service. You can add the service via Account Maintenance.  A $14 fee is associated with this level of data. The latest version of eSignal is available for download here

The Extended History add-on is available to third party applications.  However, each individual 3p vendor will need to make some coding changes in order for this feature to work in their software.  Please contact your third party vendor to confirm or request the availability of the extended history add-on.

*** Extended daily history on US Futures varies by contract. For example, Corn and Wheat go back to April 1970, S&P 500 Futures go back to March 1983, Light Crude Oil goes back to May 1983 and the CME E-mini goes back to it's inception in October 1997. 

Delayed options data is available only for futures. There is no delayed options data available for stocks or indices.