What is Advanced GET?

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What is Advanced GET?

First and foremost, GET is a suite of proprietary technical indicators and drawing tools that will help you make better trades while minimizing your risk. There are over a dozen indicators including a false bar stochastic, Elliott Wave analysis, Gann Theory and the Profit Taking Index or PTI. These studies are proprietary and not available with any other package. The original version of GET was released in 1987 so it’s been in widespread use for over 20 years and has won both Best Stock and Best Futures Trading system a combined 23 times! (per the readers of Stocks and Commodities Magazine) 

Perhaps most importantly, when you purchase eSignal Advanced GET Edition, you not only get the suite of proprietary indicators, you get a dedicated team of active traders that will help you develop the skills and market knowledge needed to be a more successful trader. Included in your initial purchase of GET, you’ll become a member of eSignal Learning and receive 3 months of mentoring and daily access to our team of active traders. They’ll teach you a system, based on discipline and a series of long-established rules, to maximize your risk/reward ratio.

GET is not a fly-by-night, promise-the-moon type of package. It’s been built on extensive mathematical models and proven results. Between the tools we provide and the education you’ll receive, we absolutely believe you won’t find a better trading system anywhere. We’re so convinced about the effectiveness of GET, that we offer a no-questions-asked, 30 day money-back guarantee upon initial purchase. During that first 30 days, you’ll have access to over 25 hours of interactive training and mentoring. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. We take all the risk since we’re so confident in the power of GET and the training abilities of the eSignal learning team. 

To purchase the eSignal Advanced GET Edition, please contact one of our experienced sales professionals.

Or, if you’d like to get more information or ask some in-depth questions about the proprietary studies, we encourage you to attend a free online seminar or visit us at a live seminar in a city near you (be sure to scroll down to see all the cities listed).  To learn more about eSignal Advanced GET Edition as well as our eSignal Learning team please download our free brochure

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