Advanced GET EOD - Portfolios

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GET needs to know which issues to examine when doing a Search.  This is the purpose of a Portfolio which is simply a list of issues.

Creating and Editing Portfolios
To make a new Portfolio, click the File Portfolios list and select New. The Edit Portfolio dialog box will open. The Edit Portfolio box allows you to add issues to an existing Portfolio or create a new Portfolio list by selecting the issues from the left pane. Once you've added or edited the issues for the Portfolio, press the OK button and the Portfolio will be saved.

Importing Portfolios
A list of symbols can be imported into the GET program via the Issues drop down menu. Once the list is imported it can be made into a Portfolio.
To import a list:
1.You will need a list of symbols saved as a .TXT, .SYM, .IST or .LIST file. It is best if the symbols are listed is a single down the left side of the document with no formatting.
2. Bring up the Issues window and then from the Display Issues From dropdown list, select Import New List.
3. From the Import New List dialog box. Select the file for the list you want to import. You should now see the path to your list in the issues menu and the files in the issue list window.
4.Click on the Portfolios button in the Issue window and then click on the New button.
5.Select the path for the imported list from the Display Issues From dropdown menu.
6. In the Portfolio Name box, type in a name for the new Portfolio and then click OK.

Setting Up a Portfolio of Optionable Stocks
To set up a Portfolio of optionable stocks, follow these instructions:
1. Go to File, then Portfolios.
2.Select the New button.
3.Select Optionable Stocks from the top left Display Issues From drop down menu.
4.Select the Add All button at the bottom.
5.Give the Portfolio a name in the upper right box.
6.Press the OK button

NOTE: A Portfolio, as the one you have just created, is nothing more than a STATIC list of symbols. This Portfolio will become dated as the Optionable listing continually changes. You will need to delete this Portfolio and recreate it from time to time in order to maintain a current listing of Optionable Stocks. We automatically update the listing shown in the Display Issues from selection every time you download your eSignal Wizard data each night.  If you are using a data vendor other then eSignal then you will need to obtain a text list of Optionable Stocks from your data vendor and then use the "Import List" feature to build the Optionable Portfolio.
Creating a Portfolio from Search Results
To create Portfolio from Search results:
1. After Search is complete, right-click anywhere in the Search window and select Make Portfolio:
2. After selecting Make Portfolio, the Edit Portfolio window will appear:
3. Enter a Portfolio Name (Results, for example) and click OK. The newly created Portfolio will now appear in the Portfolio window:
How to Autopage a Portfolio
The program can automatically create Pages from a Porfolio instead of the user manually creating them:
1. Click on Page on the main menu bar and select Auto Page:
 2. Select the desired Portfolio, which in this example is the Results Portfolio we just created. If you want to create folder to where the new pages will be placed, click the Create New Folder icon in the bottom left-hand corner.
3. Click on the Auto Page button and let it complete.
4. After it completed, the new pages will appear in the Load Page box, which is displayed by clicking Page, then Load Page.