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NYSE Open Book
NYSE Open Book is a more detailed level of data for all NYSE-traded securities. NYSE Open Book allows traders to see aggregate limit-order volume at every bid and offer price. Open Book data is available to eSignal subscribers as an add-on service. If you subscribe to Open Book data, you will be able to view this data in the Market Depth window.

Requirements to View NYSE Open Book
In order to have access to NYSE Open Book, you must subscribe to Market Depth and NYSE Open Book. Click here for details on pricing.

How to Add NYSE Open Book to Your Account
Professional client that wish to add NYSE Open Book data must sign the NYSE Pro agreement. Please go to our contracts pages by clicking here, then click on NYSE Agreement for Receipt of consolidated Network A data and NYSE Market Data, print, sign and return the original agreement to us. Our address information is found here. Please allow one week for the approval process to go through. Once we receive approval from the NYSE we will automatically start this service for you.  In the past Non-Pro users were required to sign the NYSE Pro agreement.  This is no longer the case. 

NYSE Open Book Pricing 
The NYSE Open Book exchange fee is $60/mo for Pros and $15/mo for Non-Pros. (professional subscribers are billed directly by the exchange) and requires a subscription to both the NYSE exchange and Market Depth*.  To add NYSE Open Book, go to Account Maintenance, Add/Delete Product Service; then select NYSE Open Book.

*The $20 Market Depth fee is applicable on top of the NYSE Open Book fee for both Monthly and Annual subscribers. 

How Often Data for NYSE Open Book Updates
The NYSE sends out the data in 10-second bursts. That's why you may see the Open Book out of sync occasionally with the best bid/ask quote in a quote window. Unlike with NASDAQ Level II data, the NYSE doesn't stream the data tick by tick in Open Book