Bandwidth Usage Overview

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Both individual and Institutional customers often want to get an estimate of how much bandwidth eSignal generally requires. The amount of bandwidth needed for eSignal varies significantly according to a number of variables. Those variables include:


  • The number of symbols being tracked on each user’s desktop.
  • The relative activity of those symbols (highly traded symbols take more bandwidth than lightly traded issues)
  • Whether Market Depth is being used and the relative activity of the symbols being tracked.
  • Level of user interaction (i.e. does the typical user set-up the screen and make just a few changes throughout the day or are they actively moving from screen to screen, pulling up new history requests, rotating new symbols in and out, etc?)
  • What else is running on the desktop, including other applications using the eSignal data feed? Certain third party applications could theoretically double the bandwidth being used if duplicate requests are being made to our servers.


Bandwidth Estimates:


User Profile

Estimated Bandwidth Usage

Estimated Users per T1*

Light; 25-50 symbols, no depth, mild activity

300 KB per sec


Medium; 200-300 symbols, no depth, moderate activity

300 - 500 KB per sec


Heavy: 300+ symbols, Market Depth, high activity. Does not use any other 3p app.

500 - 700 KB per sec


Heavy User and will be using another application being fed by eSignal.

Custom Evaluation Recommended



* T1 is marketed as 1.5 mgs of bandwidth connectivity but is reduced to 1.4 mgs due to reserved carrier administration overhead within managed networks.

For individual home use, typically any broadband connection will easily handle even the heavy-use trader. It's recommended that customers use a DSL, Cable or other broadband type connection for maximum effectiveness.