eSignal 10.6 (legacy Version) Error Messages

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Troubleshooting - eSignal 10.6 Error Messages

"Access to Browser .br was denied"
This error may appear when trying to close the Internet browser window in eSignal. It can occur if the attribute of file has been changed to "Read Only". To correct this error, you will need to change the attribute of to allow writing. To find Click on "START", select Find/Search, search for files or folders. Enter and click search. Right click on and select Properties. Remove the check next to READ ONLY. Click OK and Close the Search window. The search should list at least one copy of in C:Program FileseSignal folder. This should enable you to close the Browser Window.

This error can be seen in the lower right corner of the eSignal program if the application is not communicating with the Data Manager. Click here for full documentation on this error.

MFC42.DLL error
MFC42.DLL is a common windows file. Nearly every program that is Microsoft® Windows®-based applications has to write to that file. In an ideal world all the programs would simply write to it and leave it alone. Unfortunately, many programs often replace the file. If a program of that sort was installed after ours then that file would be missing the information for our program. Often times doing a search on your computer for the newest modified date and putting it into the WindowsSystem directory works to fix the problem. There are other times where you will need to uninstall and reinstall our software. In the worst case scenario you could get an updated file from Microsoft®, placing it in the WindowsSystem directory. Then reinstalling our software.

If you are unsure of how to do any of the above please contact Microsoft® for further assistance.

The Indicators in the Lower Right Corner of the Program Turn Red ( status of nodata )
When the 2 green OK indicators turn red, it means there is something wrong with your connection. It can indicate whether someone else is using your account, you have a bad user name and password entered, or if your internet connection went down.

If the problem suddenly happens, first thing to check is your internet connection. Can you browse to various web pages? If not, you should contact your Internet Service Provider.

If you CAN surf the web, there is still a chance that the problem resides with your ISP. It's possible that the route your Internet Service uses to get to our servers is either timing out (heavy Internet traffic) or something is interfering with that path. First off, in the event we are having technical difficulties, please check our System Status page.

The next troubleshooting step is to re-establish your Internet connection by shutting down your PC, resetting your modem, waiting a few seconds, then restarting your PC and signing on to eSignal again. 
If the problem persists, please review KB Article 1301 on further troubleshooting your Internet connection. 

Not Ent
Not ent is short for Not Entitled or not permissioned. It means that the system does not recognize that you have permission to get data on a particular symbol or exchange. If this problem suddenly occurs, and impacts symbols and exchanges you typically track, simply log-off and back on to eSignal.
To check what exchanges you are subscribing to, please log onto Account Maintenance.