Advanced GET Drawing Tools - Gann Box

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Advanced GET Drawing Tools - Gann Box
The Gann Box is an excellent tool that uses the Gann Wheel as a basis for its pattern of price and time. The box is similar to Gann Angles except the angles inside of the Gann Box are directly related to each other. The angles inside of the Gann Box are used for support and resistance.

Techniques using the Gann Box to trade with are dealt with extensively in the Advanced GET Trading Seminar. Contact your sales representative for more details regarding the seminar. 

Please note that you must purchase Advanced GET to access this study.

How do I apply the Gann Box study?
To apply a Gann Box on a chart, left-click on the Drawing Tools icon, then left-click on the icon labeled Gann Box on the Advanced Line toolbar.
Alternatively, you can also right-click on the chart, when the menu appears, highlight Insert Drawing Tool, left-click on Gann Box. A keyboard shortcut (Alt + B) is also available.
The Gann Box is usually drawn from a high or low pivot point. You can use the Gann Pivot study to determine pivots, or use the termination of an Elliott Wave 5th wave, or your own discretion.
To edit the Gann Box parameters, either right-click on the chart and select Edit Chart or right-click on any of the lines of the Gann Box and select Edit.

Box Color: Select the color of the grid that makes up the Gann Box.
Original Interval: Displays the time interval in which the Gann Box was originally created.
Scaling: selection list allows you to choose between a Gann Box made using Fixed Increments for scaling and a Gann Box drawn using a Free Form scaling.
     • The Fixed Increments scaling is used when you want the Gann Box to be drawn with the computer generated fixed interval patterns that are built
         into GET.
     • The Free Form scaling should be used when you want the Gann Box to be drawn at any scale and in any increment that you want. With the Free
        Form scaling, you have total control on the size of the box.
Width: number box indicates the thickness of the lines that draw the Gann Box. A setting of 1 will draw the Gann Box using very thin lines, and a setting of 100 will draw a Gann Box that is very thick.
Angles: Toggles the display of the Gann Angles that make up the Gann Box.
Complementary Angles: Toggles the display of the Gann Angles that mirror the main angles.

Select the Alerts tab to set an alert for when price reaches a line or when price is within a selected range of a line.
Alert Area: Select the minimum of number ticks that price has to be within the range of a line or set it "0" if the price must cross the line to trigger an alert.
Auto Reactivate: When checked, the alert will reactivate so it can be triggered again.
Once per Bar: When checked, the alert will not trigger again until the price bar forms.
Alert Action: Select for when an alert triggers, to get a pop up alert, an audio alert, and if configured, an e-mail alert message.
Removing a Gann Box
(1) Right-click on the Gann Box you want to remove. When the Gann Box menu appears, left-click on Remove Gann Box.
(2) Left-click on the Gann Box and press the Delete key.
(3) Right-click on the chart and left click on Edit Chart. Highlight the Gann Box to be removed and click on the X icon.