Advanced GET EOD - Quote Boards

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Advanced GET - Quote Boards

Accessing the Quote Board
To access the Quote Board, just click on the button on the toolbar. You can also open the Quote Board by clicking on File > New > Quote

Adding Symbols
To add symbols to the Quote Board, just right click on the first line to open the Issues properties box. Enter the issue on the Symbol field and hit Add. The symbol and the prices will then populate the Quote Board.

To add headings to the Quote Board, just right click on any of the blank headings and select the column you would like to add. You can right click on an existing heading to change it to another heading.
To add or delete headings from the Quote Board, just right click on any of the headings and select either Insert Column or Delete Column. Right clicking again on the blank column heading to add heading you want.

Tracking Positions
In order to track positions in your portfolio, right click on any of the headings and select Position from the heading list. You can toggle the first button between Long or Short. The Contracts box represents the number of futures contracts or number of shares of a stock.

To edit the position, right click on the price under the Position column to get the Position dialog box. Once you have entered all of your positions, you may add a Profit/Loss heading in the Quote Board to keep track of the dollar amount of gains and losses. You will also see a dollar amount above your issues representing the total gain/loss number for your entire portfolio. The position column and the total portfolio do not account for commissions or other fees associated with the position.

Changing Properties
To access the properties of the Quote Board, click on the Properties button and adjust the colors, title and headers accordingly.

Loading Charts from the Quote Board
To load a chart from the Quote Board, double click on the company name and a chart will appear in the middle of the screen.