Advanced GET EOD - Security Key Not Found

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Advanced GET End of Day - Security Key Not Found 

To protect the Advanced GET End of Day program (versions 7.8 and 9.1) against unauthorized usage, the program comes with a hardware device known as the SafeNet Sentinel Security Key that is plugged into an a available USB port on the computer.

the SafeNet USB security lock is plugged into the USB port before the SafeNet Sentinel lock driver is installed on system, Microsoft® Windows® will configure the security key as a USB Token or as an Other Device in Device Manager and the GET program will not recognize the USB lock. In this case, when you try to launch the GET program, you'll likely see the "E0209/E103 - Security Key not found message", if using version 7.8 or following message, if using version 9.1:

To correct this error, you will need to uninstall the Sentinel Security Driver and reinstall. The USB Token listed in Device Manager will also need to be removed.

Instructions to remove the USB Token and GET EOD program:

1. Go into the Device Manager/System folder in Window.                                                                      
2. Expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers group by clicking on the triangle next to it.
3. Remove the listing for USB Token, and close the System folder.
4. Remove the Safenet USB security key from the computer.
5. Go into the Windows Control Panel.
6. Go to Add/Remove Programs.
7. Select the Sentinel Security Driver program and remove it.

8. Reboot the computer, DO NOT plug the USB key back into the computer yet.

Reinstall the USB Lock Driver in the following order:

1. The lock driver can be downloaded from here.  
2. Install the lock driver. 
3. Once installed, restart the computer.
4. Plug in the USB Security Key.
5. Expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers group by clicking on the triangle next to it.
6. Your computer should recognize it as "SafeNet USB SuperPro/UltraPro".. 

Once the drivers are downloaded and installed, restart the computer and then plug in your USB key. If you are still getting an error, please call our Technical Support department at 770-999-4511 x2.
Parallel Port Security Key
We no longer send out new or replacement parallel port security keys. We will exchange your parallel port for USB key. Please contact Technical Support to exchange it.