New User Registration - Tips and Hints

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New User Registration - Tips and Hints

Registering for one of our products is a simple and easy process for non-professional users. You will be directed through a series of fields to complete and then forwarded to where you'll agree to the terms and conditions of our service and the Exchange agreements. You'll also have a chance to create the username and password that you'll eventually use to log-on to the service. In the event you run into any problems while trying to register, please review the following possible scenarios. If these tips don't resolve the issue, please contact our Sales Department and we'll help you get the service activated.

Q. When I click on to Register, it brings me back to the main marketing page. Why?

a. your internet security settings, in regards to cookies, may be set too high. to test, within microsoft® windows® internet explorer*(ie), go to tools, choose internet options then click the privacy tab. try lowering the settings to accept all cookies and click ok. you may have to exit and restart ie for the change to take effect. if you are then able to access registration successfully, we suggest you keep this security setting as is so you can access account maintenance in the future. using account maintenance, you can self-serve 24 hours a day and make changes ranging from adding a new service to updating your credit card information.

q. i'm getting an error message about "unable to verify the identity of as a trusted site" when i try to access the registration site. how do i get past that message and should i be concerned about security? (see below for screenshot of error message)

this message is due to mozilla/firefox not having the verisign's key installed. customers using internet explorer do not receive this message because ie comes with the verisign key installed. if you see this message, simply select the option "accept this certificate permanently" and hit ok. this will prevent you from receiving the message each time you come to our site. please note: once you hit ok, you will receive a second message asking if you would like to continue to seeing encryption warnings. you can answer this question based on your own preferences. account maintenance is a secure site so you can use this site quite safely.

*microsoft and windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of microsoft corporation in the united states and/or other countries