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eSignal Classic is designed to give value-conscious traders and investors access to the power of eSignal and its charting and analysis tools. Just as our premium real-time subscribers enjoy, with the eSignal Classic service, you'll have access to eSignal's robust and flexible charting, a vast collection of technical analysis studies and tools, including the ability to add the proprietary Advanced GET Indicators.

Service Highlights
• Delayed Snapshot Data – Log-in and all the symbols in your layout or page will update initially on a delayed snapshot basis. Thereafter, updates will automatically occur every five minutes except for charts, which have to be updated manually, as indicated below.  

• Intraday History – You'll have access to 6 months of minute interval data.  With the Extended Intraday History Add-On service you can access up to 12+ years of minute interval data. 

• Access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some routine server maintenance periods may occur. 

Product Options
You have 2 service level options to choose from:

1. By Region – Receive data for one region of data. 

    • North / South America
    • Europe, Middle East, Africa
    • Asia / Pacific Rim  
2. Global – Receive data for all regions/exchanges.

What exchanges are excluded with each Region that I subscribe to?  There will be certain exceptions for exchanges that do not offer their data on a delayed basis or charge separately for delayed info. Those exchanges would not be included in their respective region.

The following exchanges are excluded from the Classic service: Baltic Exchange, Cantor Eye UST, Cantor Eye Premium UST, Chi-X Market Data, Deutsche Boerse: Spot Market Germany Indices & ETF, GovPX UST, Italian Futures and Derivatives (IDM), PLUS Markets London, and Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX).

The following exchanges are available as an add-on subscription for delayed data:  Dubai Mercantile Exchange, FTSE Index Values, Italian (Milan) Stock Exchange and Indices, LME Steel, and the London Metals Exchange (LME).

General FAQs

Can I get a Time and Sales window or Tick Charts with eSignal Classic?  Tick-level data is not available with this service. As a result, time and sales and tick-based charts (Tick, Volume Bar, Range Bars, Seconds Bar, etc) are not available with eSignal Classic.  If you need tick-level data, like Time and Sales, you'll need to subscribe to one of our Real-time Products.  

Can I paper trade with eSignal Classic?  For a majority of exchanges bid/ask data is not offered on a delayed basis so paper trading would not be available. 

Can I use eSignal Classic to feed my 3rd Party Application?
 No, unfortunately 3rd party compatibility is not supported.

Can I add premium EFS add-on studies to eSignal Classic?  eSignal Classic is compatible with the third party formula studies that are available to add to Classic through our eSignal Formula Script (EFS) partnerships.

Can I add News to eSignal Classic? Yes, some News Services are offered with eSignal Classic including a free News Service (Naviga News) that comes with your subscription to Classic.

Are Indices available with eSignal Classic? Yes, snapshot updates for Indices are available for this product.
Is option data available with eSignal Classic? Delayed options data is available only for futures. There is no delayed options data available for stocks or indices.

Are Cryptocurrencies available with eSignal Classic? Only cryptocurrency futures contracts are available. Forex cryptocurrencies are not.

Can I prepay eSignal Classic and save additional money? Yes, you can prepay for eSignal Classic to save additional money.

What is my symbol limit with eSignal Classic? eSignal Classic performs snapshot requests which aren't counted towards the standard 500 symbol limit.  As a result, there is no symbol limit with Classic.

How can I decide if eSignal Classic is right for me? We've made available the following tools to help you decide which flavor of eSignal would best serve your needs: General Product Information

The charts have loaded but they are not updating? 
Charts have to be updated manually. Once the initial chart has loaded, a manual refresh will be required to see any new updates in the chart.  Once a refresh occurs, a timer will activate preventing any additional refreshes from being made (refresh icon will be grayed out) until 5 minutes have passed.  Please keep in mind that even after a refresh, the normal exchange rules for delayed data still apply. For a list of delay times by exchange, please click here

To refresh a chart, press the F5 key on your keyboard, or click the first window icon on the title bar and select Refresh.

How do I update prices in the Quote window?
Prices will automatically update every 5 minutes. No manual refresh is needed, unlike for charts.
eSignal Classic for Forex 
What region do I need for Forex data? Composite Forex data is included in each of the 3 regions in delayed snapshot format.

Can I get contributor-specific Forex quotes in eSignal Classic (i.e. @GAIN, @FXCM)?  
No, it's not supported. In order to access contributor specific Forex quotes, please upgrade to one of our Real-Time products (eSignal Signature or eSignal Elite).