Combined TSX / ATS Exchange Codes

ICE Data Services -

We offer Canadian TSX / ATS combined Level I and Level II data. Canadian TSX / ATS combined Level I  requires a subscription to TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) before it can be added. For combined TSX / ATS Level I data, the -CC symbol extension is used. In the Time and Sales window, the codes will be displayed under the exchange column.  


The shorthand codes can be found below:

Code Description
AC Alpha ATS
CN Canadian Securities Exchange CNSX
CS Canadian Securities Exchange (formerly Pure) 
C2 Canadian Securities Exchange CSE2 
QD Cboe Canada (formerly Aequitas NEO-Dark)
QL Cboe Canada (formerly Aequitas NEO-L)
QN Cboe Canada (formerly Aequitas NEO-N)
RC Cboe Canada MATCHNow (formerly TriAct Match ATS) - Dark pool
LC LiquidNet ATS - Dark pool
NC Instinet Canada Cross ATS - Dark pool
XC NASDAQ Canada CXC (formerly Chi-X CA) 
XD NASDAQ Canada CXD - Dark pool
X2 NASDAQ Canada CX2 (formerly CX2 Chi-X CA)
QC NASDAQ Canada Basic (CXC CXD CX2)
OC TradelogIQ (formerly Omega ATS)
VC TSX Venture