Annual/Pre-Pay Payment Procedures

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Annual/Pre-Pay Plans and Procedures

Customers can save by pre-paying for 1 year in advance. Annual pre-paid subscriptions are for 12 consecutive months and are non-refundable after the initial 30-day trial period. Prepays are always non-transferable.

We have no provision for temporary suspensions (vacations for ex.) so in order to receive these large discounts, you must commit for one year. You can minimize your monthly reoccurring charges by canceling the exchanges. Once you return from vacation, we can restart each exchange but there is no credit for the time you may not have used the service.


All pre-paid accounts automatically renew when their current pre-pay expires and the credit card on file gets charged at the current prevailing rates. We send an email renewal reminder 30 days before your current pre-pay expires. To avoid automatic annual renewal or to convert to a monthly rate, please contact Customer Service prior to your renewal date.