How do I view Statements for my Account?

ICE Data Services -

In ICE's ongoing commitment to environmentally friendly business practices, we now offer eStatements rather than paper statements. This is a new online function that allows you to access statements for your account 24 hours a day.

  1. eStatement Access for Retail Subscribers
  2. eStatement Access for Professional/Corporate Subscribers
  3. Notice About eStatements
  4. Missing eStatements
  5. How to Contact Support

eStatement Access for Retail Subscribers

If you are a Non-Professional subscriber for eSignal, you can access your eStatements through our online Account Maintenance portal located here. To access your eStatements:

  1. Log into Account Maintenance using your Customer ID number and Web Password (if you are a QCharts user, this password is the same as your Product Password).
  2. On the home page for Account Maintenance, navigate to the Billing section.
  3. Under the Billing section click the link for "View eStatements".
  4. In the Billing Statements page, click on the statement for the month you wish to view. It should download automatically as a PDF file.

eStatement Access for Professional/Corporate Subscribers

If you are a Professional or Corporate subscriber for eSignal, Account Maintenance is not available to you to manage or view your account information. Instead, you must register for our eStatement Portal and then view the statements there. To do so:

  1. If you don't already have an account, first create one using your Customer ID Number and your Email, via our eStatement Portal registration page located here.
  2. Once you have registered and created your password, you can navigate to our eStatement Portal login page located here and log in using your Customer ID Number and your password you just created.
  3. Once logged in, click on the month for the eStatement you wish to download, and it should begin downloading automatically.

Notice About eStatements

Keep in mind that new statements for your account do not appear until the day after your cycle date (Ex. If your cycle date is the 15th of every month, the statement is available on the 16th).

Additionally, note that eSignal only provides statements as far back as the last 18 months. Should you need a statement from further back in time, while you may reach out to our Support Team for assistance, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide you with statements from beyond 18 months prior.

Finally, please note that eSignal does not provide mailed paper statements for accounts, but that you can instead download and print the eStatement PDF files at any time.

Missing eStatements

If you find that some of your eStatements are missing, or you receive an error when attempting to download or view an eStatement, please reach out to our Support Team for assistance. Please keep in mind that it may take us some time to assist you and resolve the missing eStatement.

How to Contact Support

If you have any questions regarding your eStatements, have any Billing Disputes, cant remember your login information for Account Maintenance or our eStatement portal, or have any difficulties accessing eStatements, please reach out to us at any time using one of the contact methods listed here.