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QCharts - SingleQuote Window

This article provides an overview for using the SingleQuote Window in QCharts.

Opening a SingleQuote Window
There are three ways a user can open a SingleQuote Window.  The first way is shown below by selecting file from the main menu and clicking new, SingleQuote.

The second way to open a SingleQuote Window is by right clicking a symbol on a quote sheet and selecting New=>SingleQuote.

The last way is by using the shortcut button at the top of QCharts

Changing a Symbol
To change the symbol that is displayed in the SingleQuote Window, click on the symbol box in the upper left hand corner of QCharts, type the symbol and then press the 'Enter' key.

The Symbol Synchronize Button 
The symbol synchronize button is located in the top right hand corner of the SingleQuote Window.  This feature allows you to link the SingleQuote Window to your quote sheet and all other windows in your Workspace.  Once the symbol link has been activated, a symbol change in one window will be automatically reflected in all of windows that have been linked.

Button Colors

mceclip0.png A gray symbol button means the chart window is not linked and will only change when it is the active window.

mceclip1.png A green symbol button means the Chart Window is linked to all the windows in your Workspace. 

mceclip2.png A red symbol button means the Chart Window is locked on the symbol that is on the chart.  Meaning they symbol can not be changed.

mceclip3.png A blue symbol button means the chart window is linked to call options in an Options Montage Window.

mceclip4.png A yellow symbol button means the chart window is linked to put options in an Option Montage Window.

(Note: The Option Montage Window requires a QCharts Plus subscription)

Adding a Data Field
Right-click on an empty space in the SingleQuote Window.  In the fields section of the right click menu select the field you want to add to the SingleQuote Window. 

Arranging Data Fields
Click a field in the SingleQuote window and hold down the left mouse button, the field and its data will be highlighted. Drag the field to a new location and release the mouse button.

Deleting Data Fields 
to delete a field, just right click over the field and select delete.

SingleQuote Window Right-click Menu 
Upon right-clicking the SingleQuote Window, you will see the following menu.

This option allows you to enter a Blank Field.

This option allows you to delete a Data Field.

This option allows you to clear a Data Field.

Clear All
This option allows you to clear all the Fields off the SingleQuote Window.

This option will allow you to change the Font style and size in a SingleQuote Window.

This option will allow you to change the Colors in a SingleQuote Window.

Leading Zeros
This option will allow you to turn display Leading Zeros on/off.

What is the purpose of "Leading Zeros?
The purpose of the "Leading Zeros" feature is to remove any zeros that may be to the left of the decimal point.  This occurs primarily for stocks and option issues that trade under $1 in price.  The resulting price will be displayed as an integer rather than a decimalized number.

This option will allow you to save a SingleQuote window in terms of Color, Font, and Data Fields so that this layout can be applied to new SingleQuote Windows.