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eSignal Market Scanner - Basic Scanner

What is a Basic Scanner?
Basic Scan can automatically scan the entire market to give you real time results on each search you perform.   It allows you to view market activity in real time.  You can access charts, news and company research directly from your scan page.  What's more, the results can easily be copied into eSignal for further analysis.

How to add the Market Scanner to your Services:
You can add this service through Account Maintenance. For Basic Scan Data for Nasdaq, you must add the Nasdaq exchange to your services.

The Basic Scanner can be opened within the eSignal program by clicking on New => Scanner from the main menu bar.

Select Basic from the drop down menu at the top of the Scanner window.

Scan Type - The following scans provide a list of stocks using the following criteria:
Volume:                highest volume traded that day
Dollar Volume:     highest dollar volume (volume x share price) that day
Heavy Volume:     largest volume compared to their average volume
% Gainers:            highest % appreciation that day
% Losers:              greatest % depreciation that day
$ Gainers:             highest dollar appreciation that day
$ Losers:               highest dollar depreciation that day
Bid/Ask Spread:    highest % difference between the bid and ask price

ALL :                             All Stocks
IPO(<2 Wks):               Stocks that have IPO'd within the last 2 weeks
IPO(2 Wks - 3 Mos):    Stocks that have IPO'd between 2 weeks and 3 months ago
IPO(3 Mos - Year):       Stocks that have IPO'd between 3 months and 1 year ago

Min/Max Price - Allows you to set price brackets (ie., minimum/maximum dollar value per share) to focus on stocks best suited to your trading needs.

Min Volume - The Min Volume is used to select whose daily traded volume exceeds the specified value.  For example:  If Min Volume is set to 100k, this means a stock has to trade over 100,000 shares to be included in the scan.

Use eSignal Market Scanner to spot trading opportunities
eSignal's real time market scanner searches the entire market in a matter of seconds based on the criteria you entered.  The scanner lets you access critical price performance data as soon as the markets are open.  Every time you run the scanner, you get a concise, easy-to-read list of stocks that are trading candidates.  And, the list is based on the lastest real time streaming market data!

*Please note that the basic scanner only scans the market for US stocks.