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Time Templates
Time Templates are a feature that allow the user to set the start and end times displayed in the Advanced Chart. They can also be used to specify the number of days that are displayed.  To select a Time Template, Right click in the Advanced Chart window, Select Time Templates.  You could then click on an existing Time Template or click on Edit to create a new one or edit an existing one.

Creating New Time Templates
1. Open an Advanced Chart and right click the mouse in the chart.  Go to Time Template and click 'Edit' to open the Time Templates window.


2. Click on the button "New Time Template", right hand side of the window. Enter a Name, then click OK. The new template name will appear in the top portion of the box. 
3. The newly created Time Template name will display in the upper section of the Time Template Window. Click on the new name to make sure it is selected.
4. Then you can edit the details of it. To do this look in the Template items area at the bottom. 
Choose the "Type",  Intraday Default is for Intraday charts; with this selection you don't have to enter an interval in the Interval box.
The setting User Defined means that you want this template to be based on a specific interval that 
    you setup in the "Interval box". This includes D for Daily, W (weekly), M (monthly), as well as T (tick), S (seconds),
    V (volume), and P (price). 
5. Next you would select the # of Days or Bars. If you would like number of days enter a number in the # of Days box
    and make sure that Days is selected below.  If you would like to enter a number of bars make sure that Bars is 
    selected and enter the number of bars in the # Bars box.   

The example below is for the setting of a User Define Time Template for Tick Bar Charts.

2 Day Tick Time Template:

6. Start Time and End Time are optional boxes. If you would like your intraday charts to start and end at specific
    times, such as you are looking at futures and don't want to see the overnight, this is where you would set that
    information.  You can choose the Automatic Start/End Times if you are unsure of the times traded.  This will then
    apply the correct hours to any issue you are displaying whether it is equities, futures and so forth.

7. The very last thing you need to do is click on the Update/Add button to apply the changes you have made, and then
    close the window. Verified that settings have been added in the upper section of the window. 
8. Apply the newly created time template simply by right clicking the mouse in an advanced chart, click on Time
    Templates, then click on the name of the new Time Template.

*Note: You can request up to10 days of Tick data, and up to 120 days of Interval data. For all available data history click here.