eSignal - Pre-Market/After-Hour Trades

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How to View After-Hour Trades on a Quote window
After-hour trades are labeled as "ExtHours." You can view these in a Time & Sales window or adjust your quote window to show these trades.

To adjust your Watch List window, you'll need to add a column heading field labeled "Last/Form-T Last." To do this, simply right click on a column heading and choose Add Field. Scroll down to Extended Hours Last and click OK. You'll now see form-t trades in that column in your quote window.


There are no adjustments needed to make to a Time & Sales window. You will see these trades in different colors by default with Form-T listed in the flags column.

The Pre-Market display in eSignal under File, Preferences
This feature, when turned on, zeros out different fields in the quote window. Zeroing out the data helps prevent traders from making ill-advised trades based on stocks that are not actively being traded (especially true with OTC stocks that do not trade very often). It also allows traders to see that, when the market opens, their actual quote window fills in with data (instead of replacing old data).

Pre-Market Level II data for IPO's

Currently, eSignal is unable to display MarketDepth data for new IPO symbols before they start trading.  The MarketDepth data is available once the issue opens.  We apologize for this inconvenience and hope to have it working soon.

Pre-Market Scanner
Pre-Market Scan automatically scans the entire NASDAQ market before the trading day begins, so you can spot opportunities. Check related articles from more on the Pre-Market Scanner.