eSignal 10.6 - Checking Your Data Manager Settings

ICE Data Services -

When eSignal 10.6 is launched, the program also launches the Data connects to data servers.  These servers are responsible for load-balancing across all of our data servers to give a consistent experience each and every time. They also provide redundancy by seamlessly redirecting your data connections where needed. In addition, the Connection Manager actively monitors your connections to those servers to ensure a consistent high-quality connection.

In order to connect to the Connection Manager, eSignal needs to know where to connect to. When eSignal is installed, that location is automatically set.

Below are the steps needed to check this setting, which ensures that eSignal connects properly to the Connection Manager.

1. Locate the Data Manager icon on the Windows Task Bar.


(Note: The first time you bring up the DM, you'll see an eSignal Disclaimer for 30 seconds and it will disappear on it's own or if you left-click on it, it will disappear immediately.

Simply click on that disclaimer to remove it.)



2. Using your mouse, click on File, then Properties:


3. Verify that the eSignal CM IP Address is set to cm.*


4. Click on OK, and then minimize the Data Manager.