eSignal - Audible Alerts Don't Work

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Audible Alerts don't work in eSignal

The default sound that eSignal uses is the Microsoft® Windows® sound for Exclamation. If you want to hear a different sound, you have to change the sound associated with Exclamation via Microsoft® Windows® Control Panel. In Windows XP, for example, you'd go to Start Menu, then Control Panel, then Sounds, then choose Sounds and Audio Devices. In the Windows Properties box, under the Sounds tab, you'd then scroll down to Exclamation and choose a different sound to be associated with Exclamation and then click apply. Please keep in mind that this change will be in effect for any other application that uses Exclamation as well.

You also may need to reconfigure your sound card. There is a sometimes problem within windows that will not allow the sound card to recognize eSignal as a program that needs sound. Even though Audible controls seem to work just fine in Windows and in other programs, we have seen occurrences where it simply won't recognize eSignal alerts. If reconfiguring the sound card does not work, reinstall the driver to your sound card. You may need to contact the manufacturers of the sound card or Microsoft for help configuring sound within Windows.