Zanger Volume Ratio

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zanger volume ratio

the zanger volume ratio or "zvr" is a free tool now provided exclusively for the esignal trading platform by the zvr watch list gives valuable real time "volume pacing" information calculated over a critical time window. dan zanger used this same method to establish a world record in turning $10,775 into $18,000,000 in under 2 years.  this powerful tool includes a visual representation of the volume pacing on the chart throughout the day.

how to install the zanger volume ratio

simply install the latest version of esignal and a tabbed page labeled "zanger volume ratio" will be added to the bottom of your screen. you can also download the page from here.


this is a fully pre-configured page that displays information exactly the way dan zanger does on his own system.
the watch list zvr 

you'll find a sample watch list with the zanger volume ratio applied. the 3 displayed columns are ratio, code, and pace. 


applying  the zvr to a chart

to add the study to an existing chart, right click the chart and select insert study.  choose the zanger tab shown below and select zanger_volume_ratio_watchlist.efs



the study will be applied in a separate pane towards the bottom of the chart: 

custom time template

the zvr study requires certain amount of data to be loaded in the chart and watch list or else the zfr wiil be grayed out. a time template set to load 25-days of data can be found under time template.

to apply the time template to a chart, right-click the mouse inside the chart, then select time template and click the zanger time template.