eSignal 10.6 - The Formula Wizard

ICE Data Services -

The Formula Wizard tool assists in the creation of new studies, color indicators of studies, and alerts on studies. Note that modifications to existing studies or alerts should be done with the EFS Editor (on the eSignal Toolbar, click Tools, then Editor). The Formula Wizard is a tool developed primarily for the creation of new studies and alerts based upon the studies. The Formula Wizard can also be used to edit existing studies and/or alerts that were originally created with the Wizard.

A basic understanding of the structure of an EFS formula is helpful in making full use of the Formula Wizard. 

eSignal 10.6 comes with several pre-installed alerts based on EFS studies that could be used to become familiar with the Wizard tool. See Wizard/Alerts folder – Bollinger Bands Piercing.efs; Linear Regression Breakout.efs; MA Crossovers.efs; RSI Overbought – Oversold.efs; and Stochastic Overbought – Oversold.efs.

To launch the Formula Wizard, on the main menu bar, select Tools, then Formula Wizard. Click on "New Formula" and a dialog box opens where you can begin building a new formula.

When you save your formulas, they are located in a folder named "Wizard" within your eSignal 10.6 program directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\eSignal\Formulas\Wizard. By default, only formulas created with the Wizard will be stored in this directory .

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