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Time Template is a feature that allows the user to set the session start and end times displayed in Intraday Charts and Watch Lists. They can also be used to specify the number of days or bars that are displayed, a specific time frame, number of ticks, price change, range, or volume.

The program comes with several default Time Templates. In the image below you can see that the Time Template applied to the chart is U.S. West Coast RTH and the times that correspond to that Time Template displayed in the chart.

To apply at time template to a Watch List, right-click anywhere in the window and following menu will appear:

Edit a Time Template
To edit an existing Time Template or to add a new one, right-click on the chart, highlight Time Template and select Edit.

The Time Template dialog window will open. In the upper left corner of the dialog box, there are four icons:

Add Time Template: Adds new Time Template.

Add Interval: Allows you create or edit a Time Template based on a specific time frame, number of ticks, price change, range, or volume.

Apply Time Template: Applies the new or edited Time Template to the current window.

Remove item: Removes the selected Time Template from the list.

Adding a New Time Template
To add a new Time Template, click the plus sign, select Session 1 and enter the Start Time and End Time, or the desired data range.  In the name box enter the name of the new Time Template and press Enter. The new name will appear on the left column.  Click Close to exit the Time Template Edit window. 

Name: In the name field, provide a name for the new template. 

Data Range: Use this feature to request a range of data to be loaded on the chart.  Rather than scrolling back to request more data, a set amount of data can be preloaded on the chart using this feature. Dynamic is checked by default.  You can choose to load a set number of days or bars by unchecking the box and typing the the number of days or bars desired and selecting to use day or bars using the drop down menu in the second box. 

Sessions: Checking the Auto check box will set the start and end times based on when the exchanges open and close.  You can customize the start and end times by unchecking Auto and entering the times manually.

To Specify an Interval
If you want a Time Template be based on a specific time frame, number of ticks, price change, range, or volume, click on the Add Interval icon in the upper left corner:

In the first box, choose the quantity for the interval desired. The second box allows you to select the time frame, number of ticks, price change, range, or volume from the drop down menu.
To edit an existing Time Template, highlight the desired template from the list and change the items as described above: 
After the template is configured, then you can click the apply time template icon to the current window and then click the Close button or, you can continue configuring the template to set the defaults and/or specific what pages the defaults are applied to.

To reset the defaults or set the current Time Template as the default, click the Defaults button at the bottom of the menu.

Restore Original Defaults:
Returns settings of the Time Template to the original settings, undoing any changes made.

Reset To User Defaults: Resets the Time Template applied to the window back to the default template that was set as the default 
Set As Default: Makes this template the default Time Template applied to new windows.
Apply To...

Apply To All Pages:
Will apply selected Time Template to all open pages in the program.
Apply To Current Page: Apply selected time template to current page only.

To apply your Time Template on a chart window, right-click anywhere within the chart window, go to Time Templates and then select your Time Template from the dropdown menu.

Multi-Session Time Templates
This setting will allow you to create a Time Template with up to four different time sessions.