eSignal Market Scanner - Integrating Scanners into eSignal

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Integrating Results from the Scanner into an eSignal Quote Window

First thing you'll want to do is make sure you open the Scanner as it's own Window type within eSignal. To do that simply, click File, New, then Scan.

This Scanner window operates just like all the other eSignal windows in a Layout or page, where you can add symbol linking, pop it out, keep it on top, etc. In the Scanner Window, enter a name under Symbol List and press enter.

To have the results of the Scan output to a Quote window and dynamically update in that Quote Window, start by entering a name in the Symbol List box and press enter.

Next, open a new Quote Window (File, New, Quote Window) and click Quote Options (from the main eSignal toolbar), then Dynamic Symbol list. Enter the name of the Symbol List you entered per the previous instructions and Click OK. This will import the Scanner results directly into the Quote Window.

Once this has been completed, if you set your Scanner to automatically refresh, the results of that updated scan will automatically populate that designated quote window. This is a great way to create your own personal Market Leaders Page and choose the filters and criteria that best suit your trading  goals. It's also makes researching the scan results easier as you can utilize symbol linking to have one-click access to pre-set chart, depth, or news windows. Makes quick research a snap!