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Please note the CME Group is offering a reduced rate for Globex data via their Top of Book services. To qualify for the Top of Book services, you must be a Non-Professional and satisfy the following requirements:

1. Have a funded brokerage account with one of our approved partners. See below for a list of approved broker partners.
2. Connect to your broker via the integrated trading integration each time you use eSignal.
3. Contact Retail Customer Service to have the Top of Book service added to your account. 

Are there any restrictions for adding the Top of Book service? 
Only Non-Professionals are eligible for Top of Book services. 
The Top of Book service can only be added to a maximum of 2 products per account.
Trading Integration / Top of Book is not available to eSignal users in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region.  

Which Brokers are eligible for the CME Group Top of Book service?  
eSignal Futures Trader*
Gain Futures
Interactive Broker
*eSignal Futures Trader covers an umbrella of various brokers. Click here for the complete list.

What is included with the Top of Book services?  This package includes any futures that are Globex traded (that is, they can be electronically traded) on the CME, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX. For a complete list of included symbols, visit our Symbol Guide or use the Symbol Search window to filter results by exchange (CBOT Globex, CME Globex, COMEX Globex, NYMEX Globex).

What if I already subscribe to the CBOT Mini, NYMEX Mini and CMEE-mini exchanges?  If you have an existing subscription to any of these services, the CME Group Top of Book services cannot be added until the individual service has been removed.  Any individual subscriptions to the CBOT Mini, NYMEX Mini, and CME E-mini must be cancelled prior to adding the equivalent Top of Book service.   

What if I'm currently subscribing to one of the full exchange packages(CME, CBOT, COMX or NYMEX) but would like to get the other CME Group Globex exchanges added? That's no problem. You can just add the bundle and the services in that bundle that are not already entitled, will get added. You'll simply continue to pay the exchange fee for the full service you keep (i.e. CME, CBOT, COMEX or NYMEX). 

Is Globex Depth data included in this bundle? In most cases, you'll be getting depth from your broker and that data will populate in our DOM display w/in the Trade Manager window. Otherwise, depth data is not initially included in our Globex package so the standard Market Depth window will not populate. 

Are Futures Options available with this package?  The availability is dependent on the root symbol.  If the root symbol has both a Floor (Open Outcry) and Globex session but does not use a separate roots ymbol for the Globex session, Options are not available.  This is the case for NYMEX and COMEX symbols which use the =1designation (i.e. CL #F=1, GC #F=1) for the Globex session. In contrast, the CME and CBOT use separate symbols for Floor vs. Globex sessions. For example, the Eurodollar uses ED #F for the Floor session and GE #F for the Globex. Futures options would be available for these and others that do not use an =1 designation for the Globex session.

What if I want to cancel a full exchange package(CME, CBOT, COMX or NYMEX) and switch to one of the existing Top of Book services? In this case, you simply need to cancel that exchange and add the Top of Book equivalent. The cancellation will take effect as of your billing cycle but the new bundle will get added immediately. 

What if I fail to log-in via eSignal's trade integration or switch to a broker that's not on your supported broker list? If you don't meet the eligibility requirements for the Top of Book services, we are obligated to cancel them from your account as of your next billing cycle. Your other services/exchanges will remain active. 

I'm currently subscribing to eSignal OnDemand/Classic/EOD. Can I add the fee-waiver bundle?  The CME Group Top of Book service is considered a real-time add-on so it's only eligible to add to eSignal real-time accounts.

How can I test my broker plug-in connection?  
With eSignal you will see a CME indicator in the bottom right hand corner on the status bar. The CME indicator on the status bar will be Green if you are connected to an eligible broker partner or greyed out if you are not.  


if you are not in compliance, the first step you want to do is to check to make sure the broker plugin is connected.  You can do that by clicking on the Broker Connection Status indicator located in the bottom righthand corner of eSignal 12. If the status light next to your broker plugin is red, you are not connected.  Click the Connect button to connect your broker plugin. 

 eSignal10.6: Please note that the Broker Integration is no longer supported with eSignal 10.6. In order to use the CME Top of Book service, please upgrade to eSignal.