Does eSignal offer Cryptocurrency data?

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FX Professional - Cryptocurrency

eSignal offers a service known as FX Professional which provides Cryptocurrency data including cross-rates. Please check Account Maintenance to add this service to your account or to check for pricing.

Note: In order to subscribe to FX Professional you must also be subscribed to the FX GTIS Foreign Exchange Rates package.

See below for a list of sample Cryptocurrencies from this package:

Symbol Description
BCH@FXP A0-FX BitCoin Cash / US Dollar cross-rate
XBT@FXP A0-FX BitCoin/ US Dollar cross-rate
DAH@FXP A0-FX Dash / US Dollar cross-rate
USDETH@FXP A0-FX US Dollar / Ether cross-rate
USDLTC@FXP A0-FX US Dollar / Litecoin / cross-rate
XRP@FXP A0-FX Ripple / US Dollar cross-rate

In addition, many cross-rates such as XRPEUR@FXP A0-FX (Ripple / Euro cross-rate) and XRPXBT@FXP A0-FX (Ripple / Bitcoin cross-rate) are also available and can be found using the Symbol Search window.

What are the trading hours for Cryptocurrency?

Please note that Cryptocurrency trading is considered as Forex trading, and the international Forex market hours are from 5:00 PM US Eastern Time on Sunday, to 5:00 PM US Eastern Time on Friday, but that regional hours may vary within the scope of these trading hours. As such, there is a 48-hour period during the weekend where Forex trading is not available, and that charts will not display any bars during this time period.