Symbols Guide - Italian Derivatives Market (IDEM)

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Symbols Guide - Italian Derivatives Market (-IDM) 
                               (also known as Borsa Italiana Group)

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 Banco Ambrosiano

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Symbol Format
BIN Z6-IDM symbol,space,month,
year,exchange code


Exchange Information
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 Banco Ambrosiano Veneto  BIN H,M,U,Z

Mon - Fri
9:00am - 5:40pm


 Capitalia  CAP H,M,U,Z 
 Enel ENEL H,M,U,Z 
 Eni ENI H,M,U,Z 
 Fiat F H,M,U,Z 
 Generali Assicurazioni G H,M,U,Z 
 Mediaset MS H,M,U,Z 
 San Paolo-IMI SPI H,M,U,Z 
 STMicroelectronics STM H,M,U,Z 
 Telecom Italia  TI H,M,U,Z 
 Telecom Italia Mobile TIM H,M,U,Z 
 Unicredito UC H,M,U,Z 
* Times stated are local to the exchange