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TRW-US Treas Bill

 Symbol Format
  BIL M6-GT symbol,space,
  month,year,exchange extension

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US Treasury Notes   (Hours: Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5:10pm)



 US OTR Treasury - Notes 2 Year TRE Y2-GT
 US OTR Treasury - Notes 3 Year TRE Y3-GT
 US OTR Treasury - Notes 5 Year TRE Y5-GT
 US OTR Treasury - Notes 7 Year TRE Y7-GT
 US OTR Treasury - Notes 10 Year TRE Z0-GT
 US OTR Treasury - Notes 30 Year TRE Z3-GT
 US Treasury - Notes 2 Year (When Issued) TRW Y2-GT
 US Treasury - Notes 3 Year (When Issued) TRW Y3-GT
 US Treasury - Notes 5 Year (When Issued)  TRW Y5-GT
 US Treasury - Notes 7 Year (When Issued) TRW Y7-GT
 US Treasury - Notes 10 Year (When Issued) TRW Z0-GT
 US Treasury - Notes 30 Year (When Issued) TRW Z3-GT

US Treasury Bills   (Hours: Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5:10pm)



 US OTR Treasury - Bill 1 Month                    BIL M1-GT
 US OTR Treasury - Bill 3 Month  BIL M3-GT
 US OTR Treasury - Bill 6 Month BIL M6-GT
 US Treasury - Bill 1 Month (When Issued)  TBW M1-GT
 US Treasury - Bill 3 Month (When Issued)  TBW M3-GT
 US Treasury - Bill 6 Month (When Issued)  TBW M6-GT

"When Issued" bills and notes display data only when trading is occurring on those instruments. The most common are the 3-Month and 6-Month bills, which are announced every Thursday, and then typically auctioned on Monday. In this case, they would only be trading from Thursday through Monday.