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DecisionBar Trading Software offers a set of add-on studies that work with the eSignal Advanced Charts (see screenshot).  Once registered through their website ( the user will be given access to these EFS studies.  If you are missing the DecisionBar studies please contact the vendor directly for assistance. 

Note: Per DecisionBar Trading Software's website, they are no longer accepting new subscribers. If you find you are having issues with the EFS files, such as them reporting "Invalid Script", you will need to try to reach out to their support team at for assistance.

Once you have obtain the EFS files, you can save them in the eSignal directory (under Formulas > Downloads) so that they can be accessed via the Advanced Charts:

this software product predicts market movements and issues buy and sell signals.  their strategy indicator points out in real time the optimal points to enter a trade, and the direction of the trade.

DecisionBar methods work for all time frames for all tradable instruments, including stocks, futures, eMinis and Forex.  It works on both Interval and Tick charts.

The chart below displays their Risk Oscillator.  The strategy is simply to only take long trades when the oscillator is positive, only short trades when the oscillator is negative and to take all trades when the oscillator is zero.

At Point A the risk oscillator is above zero, nixing the potential short trade.  At point B, the oscillator remains above zero, suggesting a long trade at point B has a good chance of success.


there are four prerequisites to being a decisionbar trader.  these prerequisites are covered on their website -

The DecisionBar Trading Kit consists of The DecisionBar Trading Manual and two CD's. One CD contains our proprietary indicators and the other contains a number of tutorials.  The manual is clear, concise and down to earth. It is about 70 pages long with a number of charts.  It requires little trading knowledge, and is packed with common sense trading strategies that you will find nowhere else.  The video tutorials take less than an hour to go through.

Scott Wilks (800.322.1819) is the Sales contact for DecisionBar Trading.

Pricing, registration, and additional information can be found by visiting their website directly at:

Contact info for DecisionBar Trading - 1-800-228-4256