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The Triades

The Triades is a technical analysis model aimed at pinpointing where a market reversal is, objectively measuring the natural movement of the market in percentage points.  It generates real-time buying and selling alerts.

The Triades is available in eSignal 10 (Build 859 or later).

Triades measures bearish and bullish movements of the market in percentage, enabling investors to get the probability of success to reach a target price. It can be applied to any financial product (futures, Forex, interest rates, commodities, equities) and can be calculated on minute, daily, and monthly time frames.

This technical analysis module operates based on three basic elements from swing trading: Pivots (extreme points of a market’s fluctuation either up or down), swings (price fluctuations) and the three bars, which have been developed into "triades" that may include inner bars within the three main bars. The module only takes into account the highest and lowest bars and is not statistically based.

Both The Triades and TriadesPRO are available as add-on services to your eSignal subscription. The Triades is priced at $25 per month. TriadesPRO is $150.

If you are not already an eSignal subscriber, sign up for eSignal first.

If you are already an eSignal subscriber, add The Triades to your eSignal account.

Once the Triades entitlement has been added, the study can be accessed by right clicking the Advanced Chart and selecting Add-On Studies, Triades, TriadesPivotsSwings.efs.

Access how-to-use information
 (PDF file)

(Please note that the "Traides Installation on eSignal" described in the PDF file is not needed as the study is already available in eSignal 10 Build 859).

For additional support once the studies have been loaded into eSignal, please contact CHL distribution: